How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

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Re: How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby Kristy_Lochabay » Mon Nov 25, 639563 6:42 am

More c-sections increase your risks of course, and nobody can predict accurately how your uterus will hold up. I'm having my 5th c-section to deliver this, my 10th child. I am having my tubes tied because the risks are way too high for me at this point. They say my scar tissue looks good and such, but my last pregnancy ended in an abruption at 35 weeks which resulted in a stillbirth. I had preeclampsia symptoms so the abruption could have been more due to the high blood pressure and such but nobody can say for sure. I'm currently 30 weeks and hospitalized. I don't have preeclampsia so far, I have labile pressures (I average 110/55) but I have had some scary spikes (224/99) so the doctors think it is best to keep me in the hospital just in case. So I guess, like every pregnancy, you have to weigh your odds and decide what risks are worth it for you individually.

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Re: How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby jec2b » Fri Nov 15, 639563 11:10 am

Both my OB and my peri have said there is no limit on how many c/s you can is an individual decision and depends on how the uterus and the utrerine scar look after each pregnancy. I'm getting ready to have my 4th c/s for my 5th child (first are twins) and I've never had any complications. While they are in there sowing up the uterus, I always ask "Am I good for another pregnancy?" So they look very closely. My lower uterine segment is still nice and thick, thankfully. :)

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Re: Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby angiebee86 » Sat Sep 28, 639563 10:43 am

WOW! As I was reading the above post...AMAZING!!! Congratulations amd you and your family are in my prayers!!! My OB also tried to get me to tie my tubes after #3. It's so permanant and with the right doctor and the right care, I know I can have 2 more (the 2 more that will complete our family)!!!
I have had four sucessful c-sections and on my fifth. I am really scared because my obgyn told me about the many complications surrounding the more you have. He told me that it was best if I get my tubes tied after this because of the scar tissue which is unhealthy. But I really didn't want my tubes tied but hey. I have already been exsperiencing some mild complications and I'm only five weeks

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby tlovele » Sun Apr 19, 638933 7:40 am

There's a lot of factors that can effect how future c-sections will go. I've had 3 myself,and each was totally different. I found that I stayed sore a little longer with every one simply b/c there is more scar tissue every time they get in there. the surgery has to be a little more forceful. This last time I had twins, and they were CROWDED in there, so she had a hard time getting them out, and for the first time I actually took the pain meds after surgery. From doing a lot of reading, I found that your risk of uterine rupture increases, shich can put an end to any future pregnancies, so I would DEF keep that in mind. Your health is most important! good luck!

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby mama_moo05 » Thu Dec 08, 638929 1:40 am

I have had 4 so far and will be having 5. I was told only 3. I had a lot of scar tissue with my last and my ob is really worried about this one.

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby kiwi_susie » Mon Oct 24, 638929 1:30 am

I'd always heard the 2-3 message too (and I've had 2 so far) - but reading of 7 and 10!!! ;) Crikey - that's awesome :)

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby laura » Wed Aug 24, 638929 8:21 pm

Captain, I'd forgotten about your crepe paper uterus. Dang good thing your babies are born a little early, because you dodged a bullet with Chloe.

When I was signing my consent forms for my third section, my OB suggested a tubal over concerns about whether I could tolerate another pregnancy (due to the repeat sections, not the other stuff). I asked her later how the internal scars were, and she was pleasantly surprised it didn't look worse, but it took a looonnnggg time to cut past all the scar tissue to get in there to retrieve #3.

Afterwards, the scar tissue on the external incision wouldn't heal. I can't speak to anyone else, but I suspect I'm approaching the end of my uterine use-by date. It is hard to tell what's too far, though, until you've gone past it. It has definitely been a consideration.

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby brianned5 » Sat Mar 29, 638927 9:56 pm

I've had two c-sections so far. My first was an emergency c-section at 25 weeks. I had a classical cut so I'm not a candidate for VBAC. 14 months after my first c-section I had my second c-section at 36 weeks. My MFM said it was okay to go for another. She said she could see the previous incision but I didn't have barely any scar tissue and my uterus was nice and thick. So, I am definitely planning for #3. I would like to have four living children (5 total with my little angel baby Kylie) which would put me at a total of 5 c-sections. At this point though, we're just going one at a time and praying for the best.

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby jamilyn » Mon Feb 24, 638927 8:20 am

Every person is different and everyone heals differently. So I would really go off of what your OB tells you over the years and def not push it though. I have had 3 emergency c-sections, one at 27 weeks, 2nd at 35 weeks and my last one at 25 weeks gestation. My 3rd one I had a complete placental abruption with no signs or symptoms. The PE was a cause for it but also where the placenta attached was due to my previous c-sections.
best of luck

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Re : How many C-SECTIONS have you had?

Postby muddmomma2 » Mon Feb 24, 638927 5:02 am

WOW!!! 7 c-sections that is VERY motivating! Glad to hear your story! I hope all goes well with this pregnancy and c-section # 8!!!

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