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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby alviarin » Mon Nov 12, 638942 9:15 pm

Please feel free to add your congratulations and comments to this thread in the Pregnant Again forum: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=40648

(we try to limit cross-posting due to search engine limitations)

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby missgamecock » Mon Nov 12, 638942 8:48 pm

I am so happy for you Jill!!! Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful little girl!

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby ktdwll » Mon Nov 12, 638942 5:40 pm

Congrats! Welcome Sadie Marie. Glad you are both doing well


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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby naomihope427 » Mon Nov 12, 638942 2:23 pm

Thank you all so much. I am so very happy I have made it and home with my beautiful baby girl. But have had lots of tears being home, thinking about Naomi. But I know she is watching over and has allowed little sister and I to get this far. I believe there is hope.

I look at my little girl and so thankful but I then think if Naomi was here I wouldn't have her or vice versa. It's hard but happy and very lucky to be in health and recooperating. Thank YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PRAYERS!!!!!

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby beth0277 » Sun Nov 11, 638942 11:10 pm

Congratulations and Welcome Sadie!! I'm SO glad to hear you are both doing well!

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby kerisue » Sun Nov 11, 638942 12:05 am

Congratulations Jill! I hope all of us with empty arms have a success story like yours. Now you can tell Sadie about her big sister.

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby amandaoasis » Thu Nov 01, 638942 6:37 pm

Welcome Sadie! I'm sorry you had to get PE again, but excited for your great outcome. 1 day in the NICU?? That's awesome.

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby pennyg » Thu Nov 01, 638942 6:09 pm

YEA! So glad Sadie Marie has arrived safe and sound. Enjoy your cuddles!

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby sarah0381 » Thu Nov 01, 638942 2:37 pm

Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you! Sorry for all you went through but I'm glad everyone is healthy!!!

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Re : I HAD MY BABY GIRl!!!! :)

Postby riehlism » Thu Nov 01, 638942 12:06 pm

Congratulations! Even though you had severe PE again, I'm just glad it happened later so little Sadie Marie is ok. I take it you didn't have a classical C-section with Naomi? I was surprised to see that you labored. I was under the impression you had a classical. I guess I was wrong.

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