BP issues one year PP

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Re: BP issues one year PP

Postby mellybute » Sat Dec 20, 639236 10:53 am

No words of wisdom here Katherine, but Levi just turned 18 months yesterday and I am still on bp meds since my ICU stay. UGH. I wish it weren't so but a lot of me just thinks it's the luck of the draw. I never had high bp before, or in my first pregnancy, or in this last pregnancy until I was admitted at 37 weeks. Had it ever since. I feel lucky though since I was released on 4 meds and now just take one and it controls it very well.

I need to lose weight too for sure, about 40 lbs. My internist said she would not even consider letting me even try to get off meds until I get my BMI where it needs to be and lose this weight!! AHH!! It's been so much harder after the second baby.

Melissa ~ 36 years old

Son ~ born April 2006 ~ No Complications
Son ~ born August 2009 ~ severe post partum pre-eclampsia, still on bp meds (never returned to normal)

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Re: BP issues one year PP

Postby rexelliz » Wed Jun 07, 639234 6:32 pm

There are many reasons why your BP goes up. It may or may not be related to your pregnancy. It may be your lifestyle (though I know you said you're trying to lose weight), heredity, or some underlying reasons.

I started with a low dose of BP medication too - 100 mg of metoprolol. Then after a week, my doctor increased it to 150mg. Now my BP is controlled at 110 - 120 / 70 - 80 depending on the time of day, my activities and the food that i eat.

I was diagnosed with Pre-E on my 35th week of pregnancy. Now I am on my 9th week PP and I am taking BP medications. My current BMI is 26, which is considered overweight. I used to be within the normal range before the pregnancy. I gained 50lbs during my pregnancy! and I lost 25 lbs since delivery. I am still hopeful that I will be off medications if I just change my lifestyle. As I did, I am sure that most of you have done exhaustive research on the internet on how to lower your blood pressure. What I found to be really true was that after eating food high in sodium, my BP would go up to 130/90 while my average is 110/70 (all this with medication). Another thing that I found out to be really true is that exercise lowers your blood pressure immediately after you cooled down. Just yesterday, around 4pm, my BP was at 120/80, then I went out for a 30-minute walk. I came back and measured my BP immediately to check how much it went up due to a workout, it was at 126/86 (which is expected when you're working out). Then I cooled down and rested for 5 minutes, checked my BP and it was at 110/74. It was awesome. Now I feel hopeful to be off the meds soon for as long as I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, I don't put salt or any seasoning with sodium on my food. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables high in potassium and I use brown rice. Here are some websites I found useful: http://www.all4naturalhealth.com/exerci ... ssure.html and http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/ ... ekey=23715

Just want to share this info hoping that it will be of help.

Disclaimer: this is based on my personal experience, not an expert's advice.
- Rexy,
Severe pre-E on 1st pregnancy. Mahalia was born healthy at 35 weeks on 11/22/10.
pre-e on 2nd pregnancy. Rumi was born at 35 weeks on 12/05/12 with respiratory distress and needing 100% CPAP. Stayed in NICU for 2 weeks.

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Re: BP issues one year PP

Postby trish » Sun Oct 30, 639233 4:02 am

In my first 2 pregnancies my BP went up but came back to normal after delivery - and I never took BP meds. Then out of the blue (it seemed) at my annual exam when my 2nd was about 18 months my BP was like 160/105. Way higher than I'd ever had (except pregnant). I had to go off BCP and start taking BP meds. There wasn't any reason my BP went up - it just did. But then being off BCP led to oopsie (#3) so be careful if they suggest that!!
Trish: mama to my 3 PE Princesses:
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Katie 4/13/05 induced at 38 weeks for PE
Allison 12/27/07 induced at 36 weeks for PE then PP PE & BP issues for over a year

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Re: BP issues one year PP

Postby glimmer » Wed Oct 19, 639233 2:00 am

It took more than a year to get my BP down after severe preeclampia and I had already given up thinking I am a chronic.
(And I might be in the future). While I have heard that some chronics are fine for a while and then their BP goes up for good,
I believe there are also other reason for high BP. Have you seen a good doctor, who excludes other reasons for high BP?
Good luck!

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Re: BP issues one year PP

Postby katznkt » Sat Oct 08, 639233 3:53 pm


I just can't understand why it was normal for a couple months before skyrocketing. It could be way worse. I am with you though. I am going to try to lose some weight and see if that helps.

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Re: BP issues one year PP

Postby preemomof2 » Sat Oct 08, 639233 10:08 am

I am two and a half years post and my bp is still high. Usually runs 150/90 even on lots of medication. I am going to try to lose about 50 pounds and see if that helps. Hopefully it will.

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BP issues one year PP

Postby katznkt » Mon Sep 26, 639233 6:30 pm

My goodness! My blood pressure (after *only* being Chronic with pregnancy #2) took 5 months to regulate. It went to normal 117/65 and stayed there all summer. The last couple of months (November and December) my blood pressure shot back up. It has been 165/106. I have been getting headaches and visual issues just like with PE, and had a super fast pulse even at rest- but I am not pregnant.

My doctor put me on meds for the first time in my life. A low dose that really doesn't work all that well.

What gives? I am 23- trying to lose weight, trying to eat right and stay low stress. Before pregnancy my pressure was fine, as it was all summer. Why is it high all of the sudden again??????????? I thought I was done with all this! :evil:

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