mild pre-e as of now....

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mild pre-e as of now....

Postby Ecrc84 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 03:11 pm

So, yesterday at 27w 3d I was diagnosed with mild pre-e. Started off elevated protein only... well now my bp is on the rise. Okay, already had both steroid shots, 2 24-hr urines which went from 320 to 519 in 2 weeks. Bps are ranging 142-151/75-90. Been on labetalol 100mg/2x day since beginning. Twice weekly nst. Weekly 24 hour urines and bloodwork. All bloodwork still within normal limits as of now. Bedrest at home. Just really wanna make it further. My dr said my call in #s are 160/110 and she won't up my dosage til that point.
Sidenote: had severe pre-e last pregnancy that wasn't caught til 11 hours before emergency c-section was needed at 32 weeks.

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