Did your second PE pregnancy "feel" the same?

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Re: Did your second PE pregnancy "feel" the same?

Postby angieb » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:38 am

Not to freak you out unnecessarily, but it sounds a lot like how the trouble in my first pregnancy started. First, the bad quad screen (afp levels)/normal ultrasound, then growth restriction (a couple weeks behind and kept falling back), and then I developed HELLP (technically not pre-e- my blood pressure and urine were normal). So definitely keep an eye out for symptoms, not necessarily just your blood pressure.

I'm not a doctor or medical professional but honestly in your shoes a carseat is the last thing I'd be worrying about- you won't need one for awhile even if the baby does come soon. I would be asking my doctors and/or putting myself on bedrest pretty much and if you aren't already on low dose aspirin asking them if it might help/at least not hurt to start it. You are really lucky to have been able to limp along so far with your first pregnancy, that doesn't always happen. How closely are they monitoring you?

My normal pregnancy was a million times different- normal afp, normal growth, and I felt SO much better it was a huge difference. I think your concern is very justified gfiven your history and the things already cropping up.
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Re: Did your second PE pregnancy "feel" the same?

Postby mom29 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:07 am

I think based on your test results and how you are feeling you are justified in being concerned. Absolutely tell your doctor how you are feeling and your concerns.

I was surprised when the MFM told me more than once I needed to tell him how I was feeling (it didn't matter to my previous doctor). I did not feel as bad as I did in a previous pregnancy (PIH and pp pre-eclampsia) so I was waiting to feel worse before making any complaints. I did develop superimposed pre-eclampsia in my most recent pregnancy, the MFM decided to deliver when I was admitted the third time and before I started feeling as bad as I had in a previous pregnancy. The more I read about superimposed pre-eclampsia, the more thankful I am the MFM was watching so carefully and delivered when he did.

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Did your second PE pregnancy "feel" the same?

Postby sharyn74 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 05:19 am

New to the forum. Firstly I would like to say "Thank you" to everyone out there who have shared thier stories, experiences, and insight with regard to PE. This forum and website have been immensely helpful. THANK YOU!

My question is in regard to recurring PE. Did your subsequent pregnancy "feel" the same before you were diagnosed with PE a second time? Did it recur around the same gestational age? Were there indicators early on (like elevated AFP test or abnormal uterine doppler scans) that something was on the horizon?

I had severe PE and Class II HELLP Syndrome last time around (13 years ago - I'm 40 now.) I presented with symptoms at 26 weeks, hospitalized at 27 weeks. My son was delivered at 30 weeks. Currently I am seeing an MFM who put my risk of recurrence at about 30-40%. I am currently 27 weeks. I had an abnormal AFP result on the triple screen test (no abnormalities according to ultrasound...phew!) and my uterine doppler at 24 weeks showed both notching on the left side and absence of diastolic flow on the right. Baby is behind in growth (24th centile) - she's currently measuring at 24 weeks though I am 27 weeks along. No IUGR diagnosis as of yet. I have no underlying medical issues. My non-pregnant BP is on the low end (90-110/60). My BP's have been normal up until a couple weeks ago - I am now consistently in the 120-130/85 range. Not high enough to go in - but it's high for me. And they seem to be going consistently up. :( So far only trace protien in my urine.

I physically feel the same this pregnancy as I did with the last - which is in general pretty horrible. I have yet to experience the "honeymoon" phase of the second trimester I read so much about. I am convinced I am on the road to having PE again based on the abnormal results so far and on the way I feel physically in general when I compare it to my last pregnancy.

I guess I am looking for some reassurance that my anxiety about recurence is justified (and that I need to get on the ball and start shopping for car seats!) - either that or maybe I am putting too much weight on my past experience and current test results that may or may not indicate PE (depending on what study you are looking at - Grrrrr....)

I appreciate your thoughts.

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