Doctor/Hospital Recommendations Near Boulder?

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Re: Doctor/Hospital Recommendations Near Boulder?

Postby laney_p » Sun Jan 26, 639890 11:07 pm

Hi Kate,

Have you considered looking up a high-risk specialist and detailing your full history to him or her in the area? The Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine has a MFM locator on their website if you don't know of one locally: With the asthma complications and new partner a full risk workup might give you some confidence moving forward.

The Foundation tries not to recommend any specific medical practitioner because every person's experience can be very different, but we could potentially connect you with some fellow survivors in the Denver/Boulder area so you can talk with them directly about their experience there if you are interested. We have a good community of volunteers located in the Denver area. If you are interested, respond back and I will connect you with them.

Good luck: I know that it is such a nerve-wracking decision considering all that you have been through with your previous pregnancy! It can be okay though; many women go on to have carefully monitored second pregnancies that are well managed (some with, some without PE), so it definitely can be done.
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Doctor/Hospital Recommendations Near Boulder?

Postby KateGreen » Tue Mar 22, 639887 8:17 pm


I've recently moved to Boulder, CO and I'm planning to start trying for baby #2 sometime soon. I was hoping someone here might be able to help point me in the direction of some doctors in the area who are up to the task of dealing with PE. My first pregnancy was in 2005 (in Florida), I was incredibly sick throughout my entire pregnancy, and developed PE. When I brought PE symptoms to my doctors attention it wasn't taken seriously until things had gotten pretty far out of control. My blood pressure is usually pretty low (around 85/50), so I guess what was still an acceptable number for other people was crazy high for me. My concerns weren't taken seriously by my doctors until I'd gotten up to 140/whatever and was passing out, seeing spots, had crazy edema, liver and kidney trouble etc. etc. I was so confused and disoriented and still throwing up fairly regularly so I wasn't really even able to understand what was going on or what my options were. I was a giant mess. I had an emergency c-section just after I crossed over into 34 weeks, and my son weighed in at 3lbs 4oz. He was very lucky and is mostly okay now.

This time around I realize my risks are probably pretty high of having PE again, but I'm remarried and I'm willing to give it a try again. This would be "new paternity", previous pregnancy with PE, higher altitude (>5000 ft above sea level), recently diagnosed with asthma (having a heck of a time breathing this thin dry air here in Boulder!), and a fairly long interval between pregnancies. Otherwise healthy, had blood work done and everything looks fine. My best guess is that my risk is maybe 40%-ish of having PE again? Does that sound about right? I'd really love a doctor who is going to be proactive and up to date on current research.

Does anyone have any insight into the local hospitals/NICUs? Are there any doctors you'd recommend or caution against?

I really appreciate any advice anyone can offer!


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