Help, Don't trust my provider, what to do?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Help, Don't trust my provider, what to do?

Postby jenh » Mon Feb 22, 2016 04:16 pm

Do you only see the midwives, or do you also see the MFM? What does s/he say about your history and current care? Has s/he discussed a plan for your care, what symptoms to report, and what would cause you to be seen more often?

I took my blood pressure at least four times a day plus whenever I was feeling off. It can fluctuate up and down before it goes up and stays up, so catching those fluctuations can be an important warning sign. Although it is normal for it to be lower in the morning and rise somewhat during the day. BP should always be taken in the same arm with the cuff at the level of your heart. This means it should never be taken with you lying on your left side from your upper arm, which raises the cuff above your heart. Even after resting for a half hour, you should sit back up to take your pressure.

Keep monitoring your symptoms, report anything new or worsening. If you aren't happy with your care provider, you are entirely within your rights to ask for a second opinion or to outright switch. Also, if you feel like your midwives are blowing off your symptoms, ask them to put it in writing. "Patient is concerned about XYZ symptoms due to her history of preeclampsia, but I am not concerned because...."
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Help, Don't trust my provider, what to do?

Postby theyabutfamily7 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:51 am

Hi There, I need advice!

So I had Pre-e with my son who just turned four, and am currently 28 weeks pregnant.

I had severe pre-e with my son, he was IUGR severe, 33 weeks, and my pre-e probably onset at around 28-30 weeks. We caught it around 31 weeks when I was hospitalized for IUGR and borderline high BP.

So question is, how should this pregnancy be managed? I am concerned so far because my blood pressure has been hanging out rather high since around 22 weeks, (130's over/90s) and is now progressing even higher, (140's-150's still over 80-90). They also seem to be sporadic. In the morning it will generally be lower, and increase in the evening, but usually by laying down and resting it will go down.

I've had labs, and just had a growth scan, so far, both of them look good, and no one is concerned about my blood pressure. I'm not supposed to go in for another growth ultrasound for another 7 weeks, which concerns me, because I'll be 34 weeks then, and things could easily develop in between then and now. My care providers (midwives supplemented by MFM) seem to think that I just shouldn't check my blood pressure all that often, (2x daily and only after resting for 30 mins) because I could be artificially elevating it by worrying about it too much. (Which I really doubt is the case). It was low before, and my midwife still hasn't increased frequency between visits. I'm not supposed to be seen again after this 28 week appt untill 32 weeks, and the midwife probably won't even take my labs.

I called to ask about my blood pressure tonight, and what should I do, was told to come into L&D to be checked, they did a strip on my baby and then no labs, measured BP after laying down and sent me home again.(I had to bring in my 4 YO and stay from 10-pm-almost 2 am) I'm just really frustrated and feeling like I'm not getting good care.

So my question for you all, what is good care for catching sudden onset Pre-e? How often should I be seen, what should be looked for, and how seriously should I take my BP readings as an indication that I'm developing Pre-e. Is it a good idea to only take my BP after resting for 30 min? How often should I be taking it daily, and in what position/arm. What is cause for going in to the hospital after hours to be assessed? Cause for hospitalization? I'm confused, and I don't like how things are being handled, because no one can seem to give me a straight answer to any of my questions, and seem to instead be focusing on the fact that I have anxiety as a means to dismiss symptoms. (I do have an anxiety disorder, but I feel able to distinguish my own panic attacks from legitimate concern as to my care. Panic attacks are very distinct!)

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