In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby kylesmom » Thu Jan 01, 637339 7:33 am

Kris- I was just catching up here after our phone call this morning. What a beautiful gesture. I am in tears and I will be thinking of you and Tyler today.

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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby melissam » Wed Dec 31, 637338 9:20 pm

Okay, that was not a good thing to start the day with at my new job. I am totally in tears. I am there an awful lot lately as I come out of the whole numb stage.

It was absolutely beautiful. I am thinking of you today. Big HUGS!!!!

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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby tommysmommy21004 » Mon Dec 22, 637338 5:58 am

You have moved me to tears, Kris. I think between you and Lucy I'm going to drown the room. I can feel the enormous love you have for your son and it so beautiful. It also reminds me of just how lucky I am when I'm feeling sorry for myself. (Which is quite a lot, if you've noticed.) You may not see yourself as being very strong, but to have gone through what you have in the past ten years and still be here to tell the story, that says a lot. I'd probably either be dead or in a mental institution. Give yourself some credit, Kris!!

Deanna Smith-Powers (30)

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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby lucy » Sun Dec 21, 637338 10:23 pm

Kris big hugs, your angel lives on in your heart and its good you keep his memory alive.

Lucy -Expecting a girl due date April 30,2005 Yey we got our induction date April 1st 2005 at 36 wks. Diagnosed with pre-eclampsia again at 31 wks

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julie f
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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby julie f » Sun Dec 21, 637338 6:39 pm

Thinking of you and keeping you close at heart...

Julie (28)
Zachary James, 7/22/03-7/27/03, born at 26wks - severe pe

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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby paljane8 » Sun Dec 21, 637338 4:08 pm

That is beautiful. It makes me cry. You are in my heart, Kris.


heather h
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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby heather h » Sun Dec 21, 637338 7:47 am


That was absolutely beautifull and perfect.. Im in tears - please know I'll be thinking of you and wishing Tyler a happy birthday...

Take care,

Heather (25) & Craig (26)
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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby sjs40 » Sun Dec 21, 637338 5:52 am

Kris your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby kdreher » Sun Dec 21, 637338 2:49 am

I find comfort knowing I have somewhere I can share my grief with, after all these years, and you will know how I feel. Some days just downright stink.
I can't take credit for the poem, I didn't write it, it was on Tyler's mass card but it was so fitting at the time. Thanks to you all for being there for matter what!

Kris (35)
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Re : In memory of Tyler (3/9/95-3/23/95)

Postby annes » Sun Dec 21, 637338 12:25 am

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. Your precious Tyler is lucky to have a mom like you, who is so strong, even if you don't always feel it. You are an inspiration to us all! Hope you have a peaceful day tomorrow.

DH Richard
DS Parker 7/6/03(severe pe)33wks
Miscarriage(14 wks, D&C) 12/04

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