Good Luck to all!

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Re : Good Luck to all!

Postby grace04 » Wed May 04, 2005 06:14 pm

Hi Dawn!!

You are right - every little bit DOES make a difference and we so appreciate all you are doing for the Pottsgrove event!! Don't get discouraged by the numbers - in fact, you will have the benefit of learning from all of the rest of us as we go through it this Saturday. I'm sure there will be many tricks and tips that will be relayed to you!!

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Dawn D
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Good Luck to all!

Postby Dawn D » Wed May 04, 2005 12:58 am

Just wishing you all luck as the days count down to the big event! I'm sure you are all busy finalizing the last details...our walk in Pottsgrove, PA is next weekend (the 14th).

I have been a little disappointed at the low # of walkers I have so far, but I am hopeful for more registrations the day of the walk. Also, many have donated $ if they are unable to participate in the walk. AND I know that every little bit makes a grand difference for the Foundation.

If anyone has any advice following their walk for those of us who are hosting on different dates, please share!

best to you all,

Dawn (33)
Kirk (34)
Mya (3), delivered @30 wks/emer c-sec/3 lbs/severe preE/worsened follwoing delivery

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