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Last Updated on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The term most people are familiar with is "volunteer," but at the Preeclampsia Foundation, our volunteers are a complete extension of our mission of education and awareness. They come from all walks of life, from various professional backgrounds, with various skills, from across the country, even across the world. Some have been personally touched by preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome or one of the other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, but others may be called to make a meaningful contribution because they care about mothers and babies. Their motivations, while different and honorable in many ways, almost always include the desire to make a difference.

To reach our fullest potential as an organization, we term our volunteer management system a Talent Management Program, incorporating new elements borrowed from some of the most successful organizations and combined with some of the unique characteristics of the Preeclampsia Foundation, as a means of emphasizing the intergral nature of volunteers to the mission of the Foundation.

Elements of the Program

Volunteer Application
Required of all existing and new volunteers. Available online, this application will allow us to create a database that helps us better identify and utilize the talents and skills of our people, and ensure they are contributing in the best way possible. It is also important that we have up to date contact information for anybody serving the Foundation. All volunteers who serve in a public capacity are required to sign the Code of Conduct which is part of this application. It addresses issues ranging from confidentiality and professionalism to accepting the policies outlined in the Handbook. It helps protect the Foundation, and helps the individual understand her (his) own liability and responsibility. This also helps define us as a trustworthy organization.

Volunteer Information Center
Online access portal for all volunteers. Here you can review and change information in your volunteer profile, track your volunteer hours, and monitor the status of your volunteer projects. You will set up your login and password for accessing the Volunteer Information Center when you fill out the Volunteer Application. Volunteer hour reports assist us when applying for employer matching funds, with verification for grant applications and most importantly, tracking volunteer hours shows that our volunteers' involvement in the Preeclampsia Foundation saves us administrative expenses, reduces staff demands, and decreases overhead. Thus, we as a foundation can be more effective with the funds we raise.

Volunteer Handbook
Provides an overview of the Foundation as well as basic policies, procedures and guiding principles that impact volunteers. Includes an organizational diagram of various areas where volunteers can play a role, along with who supervises those areas and how to contact them. It will eventually also include basic terms, acronyms and program names used by the organization, sample forms, and explanation of volunteer recognition programs.

Volunteer Center

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