On Feb. 15, 2004 I went into labor at work I was 26 weeks .

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On Feb. 15, 2004 I went into labor at work I was 26 weeks .
On Feb. 15, 2004 I went into labor at work (I was 26 weeks). They informed me that my cervix was soft. The doctors toyed with the thought of bed rest and finally when my work wouldn't help they did. I was on bed rest two days when I felt this strange pain at the top of my belly it hurt all day. I called the doctor and they told me to go to the hospital just to be safe. I took a shower before the ambulance came. Pain shot throughout my back and something started happening. When they got there my blood pressure was high. When we reached the hospital it was worst. We called at 7 pm. I was getting delirious. My stomached hurt. I was upset so they gave me a sleeping pill to relax me. Then they woke me when the results came back. They needed to do an emergency c-section. I was only at 31 weeks. I was out of it when they took my son. I couldn't hear his cry. They put him in an isolate and brought him to me for a quick look. I watched as they took my blurry baby away. They gave me magnesium. My son was 2lbs. 12oz. Born March 19, 2004. I almost died! I went into the HELLP syndrome. My son was in the NICU at Akron Children's Hospital for five weeks and now his is 2 1/2 years old and getting bigger by the day.
I asked five doctors if I would go through this again and they said no. It wasn't until four months later when I found out I would. I was pregnant again and she was at risk. I went into labor at 23 weeks with her and put on progesterone and bed rest at home. At 28 weeks my blood pressure was high was and I was put in the hospital on bed rest. She kept D-celling or her fluid would be low. She was born at 36 weeks at 4 lbs. 8 oz. During the time that I was in the hospital she grew a half of a pound. I almost died then too. My incision had burst, they caught it in time. I shook the entire time afraid I would hear her cry. She did and it was the most wonderful sound in the world! She is 18 months old. They are eleven months apart. She was my last baby.
Does the premature labor have anything to do with the high blood pressure?
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