I concieved my son on June 6, 2001. What a joy I was considered to

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I concieved my son on June 6, 2001. What a joy I was considered to
I concieved my son on June 6, 2001. What a joy! I was considered to have a high risk pregnancy due to having ashma. I had great pre natal care and felt good throughout my first & second trimester. When it came to Chritmas 2001, I felt bad. I was advised this was normal pregnancy swelling. However at my 37 week check up (2/8/02) I was admitted into the hospital for observation. That is when "hell" was a place I felt I had experienced. 72 hours of it! I was finally induced at 5 AM on 2/11/02 and started laboring. I was able to progress to 7 cm and then given an epidural. After that, I was advised that for my health and my unborn childs, I would have to have a c-section. "Take me away" I said. Joyfully Ross was delivered @ 11:07 AM. However the next 5 days of his life and my are somewhat of a blur to me know. I was able to nurse him, however do not really know how I did it. I was so drugged and felt so bad that I did not enjoy it. I felt this underlying feeling of hopelessness. I knew no one would understand how I felt. The nurses told me that there were others on the unit that were wrose off than me. I ought to be greatful. Well, I was but still felt "cheated out of something." One day before we were scheduled to go home, my incision opened up. I ended up going home and my husband tended to me for the next 6 weeks. Our son developed GERD and I had to stop nursing. He is a thriving 1 year old now, but I think eveyday of that entire experience and wonder if Ross will have a sibling or not?
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