When I was 18 I went to my normal doctor visit. I was feeling under

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When I was 18 I went to my normal doctor visit. I was feeling under
When I was 18 I went to my normal doctor visit. I was feeling under the weather. After the nurse took my blood pressure, the doctor came in and said I need to go to the hospital right now. He told me to not stop anywhere. I was so scared. The hospital wouldn't tell me exactly what was wrong. Just that I had high blood pressure and they were trying to get it down. I was in the hospital for about a week. My father had seen a little medical kit w/ preeclampsia on it. He looked it up and found out how serious it was. After a week I went to the University of Iowa city hospitals. Because they could not get my blood pressure down at all. They had me on heart medicine. I wasn't allow up even to use the restrooms. I had to lay on my side at all times. My legs felt so heavy I felt like I was made of cement. About a week and a half or so (the days ran together so bad. I slept most the time.) later I woke to awful chest pains. I thought I was having a heart attack. I was throwing up and told my family I was gonna die. So they induced me. When our Son was born He weighted 3lbs 7oz. He was so small.(althought I did see smaller babies in the nicu) It still seems like a dream when they shown him to me. They just brought him to the head of my bed and let me look at him for a few seconds. Then they took Him away to get checked out. I was so sick afterwards. My blood pressure took over a week to go away. They didn't even want to release me because of my blood pressure at first. So I didn't see my Son for 2 days after He was born. My husband brought me a picture of him on the warming table. It took all I had to walk down to see him. Looking at him I was so sick I felt disconnected to Him. I felt so bad because I didn't really feel anything. Just sick and tired. I stayed there the first time for maybe 2-5 minutes. As I started to feel better I started to stay longer and really feel something towar Him. I never thought He looked ugly though like some mothers feel. He was so small and He couldn't suck. I was lucky though because when they saw my blood pressure not moving down much. They gave me steriod shots. So his lungs were good. At my postnatal check up my doctor told me I shouldn't get pregnant again. If he was me he wouldn't because I had it so bad that it would be more then likely I would have it just as badly again. That the next time I had a chance of die from it. He stayed at the hospital for almost a month. Then He got to come home. He never any major illnesses. He is now almost 12yrs.old. I am very proud of Him. He is a great kid and a great big brother to his sister. He does have a slight processing problem. Beyond that he is a healthy, Well balanced boy. When I had his little sister. I don't know if it was because I drank tons of milk.( a gallon a day. I don't even like milk that much. I just craved milk) I didn't get preeclampsia with her till I went into labor. She was a fast labor. Infact if it wasn't for the stress test I had that morning. I wouldn't have known I was in labor. I had her backwards though butt first. The high blood pressure hit during labor and didn't go away. I still had it when they let me leave. They almost didn't let me go home because of it. They kept me two or three days. I just thank god she was full term. She is also the last my husband and I are having. I am not pushing my luck.
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