I was 33 years old and having our first child. I did everything that I

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I was 33 years old and having our first child. I did everything that I
I was 33 years old and having our first child. I did everything that I was suppose to do and more. On Thanksgiving weekend in 2000 i started getting a severe cramp in my neck. I couldn't move it. And my legs began to swell. Someone told me not worry, i was only in my 22nd week of gestation. So i didn't. I did call my Dr. and he put me on med's thinking that it would be an infection of some sort. Two weeks later I went to see him and he had me put into the hosp. I was only 24 weeks along and there was the threat that my child would be dilvered and not survive. She was too small. The started the steriod shots and I was able to hold her for another 2 weeks. At 26-1/2 weeks of gestation my daughter was born and only weighed 1lb, 13oz's. She was hosp. for 3 months; didn't come home until 1 week prior to her actual due date. She is a perfect, healthy, princess. Actually a drama queen. I know that the medical field did alot, but my trust in GOD and all the prayers that we were given, that is what saved her. She has absolutely no medical problems, except for being a little overwhelming and demanding at times. And the IQ of a 3-1/2 year old. She's just going to turn 2 in Jan. of 2003. My note to all woman = Don't take anything for granted. I maybe getting preg. again (haven't fully decided, leaving it up to God) and i have this huge fear of getting sick again. Part of me tells me that God will take care of things and i'll be ok, but the other half talks louder and is heard better. I've done reading and the more i read the more i hear of how this is happening more than once to a woman. This my story and my daughter's. I pray that all woman that develop this problem can have such an awesome turn out like we did. For the families that don't, my prayers go out to you and to your lost one.
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