I do not know where to begin really, I guess I will start with my

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I do not know where to begin really, I guess I will start with my
I do not know where to begin really, I guess I will start with my first pregnancy, I became pregnant with Jessica in July of 2002, the first 5 months were okay, I did have swelling but I thought that was normal, when I was 22 weeks, my BP started to climb, so I was put on modified rest, at 26 weeks it got worse and I was put on bed rest by 33 weeks, I was so swollen, and my BP was slowly rising and I felt sick most of the time, nausea, stomach aches, feet swollen and extremely tired all the time, I was hospitalized at 34 weeks, put on Labetalol, than protein appeared, the labetalol reduced BP for two days, than my BP went to 180/100, they called my doctor and took me over to L & D for close monitoring it went back to normal after doubling by BP meds, than on the following Wednesday BP went to 200/112 they decided to induce me on that day, Jessie was born on March 27 2003 at 5 pds 11 oz at 35 weeks gestation. The only issues were severe jaundice and feeding issues, she came home in 10 days.BP returned to normal, no longer needed meds, but my doctor said I probably had an underlying Chronic Hypertension and I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia superimposed on CHTN.

My next pregnancy I miscarried at 6 weeks than became pregnant 2 months later with Alex. When I went for my firsr prenatal visit to confirm pregnancy my BP was already at 165/95, so I was put on 100 mg of Labetalol that controlled it until I was 17 weeks, than put on 200 mg twice a day, and sent to a high risk obstetrician who counselled me and said he did not foresee what happened in the first pregnancy happening again, in the meantime between 20 weeks and 24 weeks I became progressively sicker, tired, nauseous, dizzy and feet swollen all the time. I went off work at 24 weeks and went back to see him on the 27 th, BP was staying controlled until I was 29 weeks, it went up again to 165/95 and now I had protein in my urine, they doubled my meds to 400 mg twice a day plus I was also taking aspirin, that brought my BP down again and protein disappeared again, when I went again at 31/32 weeks all was okay, but I told him I was feeling off, not quite myself He decided to send me for NST and BPP, my first NST was non reactive, they called me at home and requested i come back, which I did two days later, in between the two NST I felt less and less movement, very sluggish, the 2nd NST was worse, I had sugar, protein and BP was going up again, they rushed me downstairs for another BPP and Alex scored 4/8 on that, they decided to induce me right than and there and monitor me in L & D for signs of fetal disstress, they did blood work on me as far as I know it was okay, but Alex they figured would not survive if they did not take him. He ended up with RDS and severe jaundice twice, and was hospitalized for over two weeks. This experience has taught me that pregnancy is not for me, I can not, will not go through that again, too see your baby strugging for every breath and not be able to hold him for days, I can not explain the trauma, and while I am thankful that he made it and so did I, I will never go through that again.

My BP at this time is slowly returning to normal, I am losing weight and exercising and not on any meds to control it.

Alex is doing very well and is almost 5 months old and shows no signs of any problems as of yet.

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