I had preeclampsia 3 times, When they discussed it at our birthing class and said

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I had preeclampsia 3 times, When they discussed it at our birthing class and said
I had preeclampsia 3 times, When they discussed it at our birthing class and said how rare it was I did not pay any attention. Two weeks later I found out. I want to my regular doctors appt and my BP was up, They sent me to the hospital for further observation. I was ok. I was at that point 32 weeks pregnant. They wanted to keep me over night so then moved me to a postpartum room where my BP was higher and before I knew it I was on my way to the University of Pennsylvania on mag sulfate where I remained for two days until they trying to induce me but that did not work. The baby's heart rate was dropping so they rushed back and did an emergency c section luckily I had already had an epidural. Our son arrived 71/2 weeks early 3lb15oz and stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks and is now a happy and healthy 51/2 year old.
My daughter arrived 10 weeks early one morning I woke up with puffiness under my eye and checked my BP and it was up so I want to the hospital and stayed until they transfer me again to the U of P again. They had to deliver her early because the preeclampsia had gotten to her and she was too small for her gestional age. She weighted in at 2lb1oz and was labeled IUGR(inter uterine growth retardation). Now she is a happy and health 21/2 year old with lots of ambition and energy and is in the 75% percentile for the age. Kate was in the hospital 6 weeks.
My next pregnancy was a complete surprise especially after we just went through 8 months ago. My due date got moved back 2 weeks at the start of my pregnancy, but at 27 weeks preeclampsia struck yet again,another hospital transfer and after a week at the hospital Emma was not acting right on the non stress test, which I got daily, so they moved my to labor and delivery at midnight September 30 2004 my water broke but they still want to wait it out. Nine hours later Emma heart rate dropped very low and had to be delivered now at 9:34am I had a 1lb13oz baby girl, she acted old then her gestional age cry's and movements, her cord was rapped around her neck twice. But they have her labeled as 28 weeks and after 7 weeks at the hospital she came home to stay now she is 19 months old and happy as can be fighting with her sister and brother enjoying being the baby of the family. I did have my tubes tied with Emma delivery. No more babies.
I like to thank all the doctors and nurses at Phoenixville Hospital and U of P, maternal fetal medicine, and of course my ob/gyn for helping me and my babies survive with no long term effects. Thank You
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