My story starts out even before I was pregnant. Even before I wanted children.When

Post On Friday, September 29, 2006 By Nicki

My story starts out even before I was pregnant.   Even before I wanted children.When
My story starts out even before I was pregnant.  Even before I wanted children.

When I was younger I had a lot of problmes with my cycles.  Never coming at the regular 28 weeks and always with many cramps and pains.  I would usually miss 2 to 3 days of school each month due to my peroids.  My doctor though it best to put me on Depo Provera to reduce my pain.  He also said that because of my extreme endometriosis having children would be a struggle if I was ever able to have them at all.

Fast forward to August 2006

I have been scheduled to have surgery to remove my endometriosis. I am laying on the hospital bed before surgery and the nurse asks me if I could possibly be pregnant.  I tell her that it's possible, but highly unlikely.  I haven't been on birth control for 4 years now and that my doctor has said on numerous occasions that I would need fertility drugs to concieve.  The nurse does a urine pregnancy test anyway just to make sure.  It comes out negative and I go in for surgery.

At my 2 week post op I find out that I am 7 weeks pregnant.  "How is that possible"!  I am shocked!  Then the dread hits me.  I had surgery while I was pregnant.  I had medications that I shouldn't have had, that can cause birth defects... what now.  My doctor assures me that this is a good thing and that nothing I was given will hurt me or my baby.  He tells me that a baby in that early gestation would have either fought or given up and I would have miscarried. I was slightly relieved.

The joy that came from my friends and family was short lived when I started to feel awful. Constantly throwing up, aches and pains everywhere.  I couldn't believe how tired I was. My boyfriend was amazing.  Constantly rubing my feet, and urging me to take naps and not worry about household chores.

Then things started happening so fast I couldn't believe it. By week 20 I started swelling. My headaches were a constant thing and I was miserable.  My doctor noted that there was +2 protien in my urine. He diagnosed me with mild pre-eclampsia.  He started seeing me once a week and said that I should continue what I was doing. During this time I had been sent up to Labor and Delivery 3 or 4 times for false labor.  I was actually contracting and having mild pains in my stomach. They gave me a shot of something that made me very jittery and sent me home.  Every week my protien would go up, it finally got to the point where they were unable to dip my urine in the office anymore and I was sent home with 24 hour urine collections 2 to 3 times a week.  I was so swollen I could hardly walk.  It felt like my calves and feet were going to split open because of the pressure. My face became so distorted that I didn't even recognise myself in the mirror anymore.

As my blood pressure started to rise and my protien kept going up my doctor insisted that I go up for NST's after every doctors appointment. By 30 weeks I was at the doctor 3 times a week and had a 24 hour urine to bring home after every doctors appointment. That didn't include the 3 NST's I was having each week.  By 32 weeks I was put on bedrest at home, my doctor changed my diagnosis from mild pre-eclampsia to severe pre-eclampsia.  My life was still fairly eventful going to the doctor's office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and also bringing the specimen collections into the hospital every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I had just turned 36 weeks and it was a Friday when my doctor called me and told me to come into the office earlier then I had planned.  My doctor was going to be out of the office but wanted me to meet another doctor on his staff.  She was great!  She told me that my protien was at 2600 and had been jumping about 500 each week for the past 2 weeks.  They wanted to get this baby out as soon as possible.  They had told me throughout my pregnancy that they wanted to get as close to 37 weeks as possible, but now it was a matter of my safety.  My blood pressure was getting dangerous, and my swelling was a huge cause for concern along with my protien count. So they told us to go home and pack, get something to eat and go up to labor and delivery within the next hour and a half.

After we checked in the nurses hooked me up to IV's and monitors.  I wasn't dialated at all so they started out with progesterone pills.  I would get one once every 3 hours to try to ripen my cervix.  Since this was going to be done overnight I told my boyfriend to go home and get some sleep.  We only live 10 minutes from the hospital and it didn't make sense for him to lose sleep too. So he went home.  By Saturday morning I was up to one centimeter.  So they started pitocin.  I was on pitocin all day long.  Then Saturday night I still wasn't dialated anymore so they put me on the progesterone gel. When Sunday came along I still wasn't dialated any more then a one.  The doctor came in and decided to break my water and get things moving. After she broke my water thigns started moving very quickly. I started having hard contractions, and was in a lot of pain. I requested an epidural and recieved one at about 11:00am.  After the epidural I wanted to sleep but my body decided that it was time to push.  I started pushing at 12:00 noon and by 3:14pm we had a very healthy baby girl. She was 6lbs, 9oz and 18 3/4 inches. You can see her at :

I was one of the lucky ones that had a doctor observing me constantly. I had checkups almost every other day and was induced when it got to be too much. My blood pressure did go down, but has since risen again.  My headaches haven't gone away, and I am still tired all of the time.  All of it is worth it when I look at my little girl.  I am scared about what could have happened. It makes me thankful that I had a great hospital to go to.  I think that more people need to know about pre-eclampsia, they need to know what to look for and what to do if symptoms get too intense.  Mothers need to know that it's ok to get a second opinion, and to feel comfortable with their doctors. 
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