Miracles do happen. I was the preeclampsia. My name is Ingrid and I was born

Post On Friday, October 06, 2006 By Ingrid

Miracles do happen. I was the preeclampsia. My name is Ingrid and I was born
Miracles do happen. I was the preeclampsia. My name is Ingrid and I was born January 6, 1984 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL at 6:04am. I weighed 3 lbs 7 oz when I was born and was in an incubator for one month. I was scheduled to be born around the end of February but preeclampsia caused my mom, Stella Menendez to have me early, roughly at 36 weeks. Her water broke early and the placenta came out first, and no sign of me. She was rushed in for an emergency C-section. The hospital called my dad and said my mom had gone into early labor and was in very bad condition, they were going to try their best to save the baby. She actually had an out of body expereince, because she remembers the nurse giving my father her necklace she was wearing, which my father also remembers but says it would be impossible for her to have seen this since this was through the hall and into the waiting room. My mom went into a coma for 2 days during which my name was Baby Girl Menendez, but they needed to make the birth certificate, but my dad couldn't name me without my mom. He said she has to name the baby, so my dad tried again by talking to my mom and telling her that she needed to name the baby, they can't wait any longer to make the birth certificate. She semi-consciously said Ingrid. Funny how my name wasn't in any of the lists of baby names they had, they weren't sure whether I'd be a boy or girl. My name means battle. I guess it worked out. It was a battle.
So here I am now 22 years old and healthy wondering if when its my turn to have a baby if my risks would be higher for preeclampsia, they are. I've researched. I don't plan on having kids for a few years. Right now I'm studying to become a nurse, maybe one day I'll be in the NICU. Since without them I'm sure me and my mom wouldn't be here today. My mom is 55 and in very good health besides her high blood pressure and diabetes. She eats healthy and stays fit.
I found this foundation and the stories have touched me. I hope one day I'll have a healthy pregnancy. But I know the risks. I'd love to donate to such a good cause, I've also walked and participated for the March of Dimes.
I hope with my story and participation in such a great foundation one day we can find a cure, so nobody will ever have to go through the pain and suffering moms' and babies' endure with preeclampsia.

Love Always,
Ingrid Menendez
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