In April of 2000, I was 35 weeks pregnant with my son, Codye. I went

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In April of 2000, I was 35 weeks pregnant with my son, Codye. I went
In April of 2000, I was 35 weeks pregnant with my son, Codye. I went in to see my OB for a regular visit. My blood pressure was up, but no protein. I knew nothing about PE or HELLP. My doc sent me home over Easter weekend for bed rest. I had really severe upper left quadrant pain and thought it was heart burn! My swelling was incredible, as it had been for several weeks. So Monday, of course, all heck broke loose and Tuesday morning, I delivered Codye at 5 lbs 14 oz and no complications. He was admitted to NICU for two weeks for a germ in his blood. He almost doubled his weight there! He's now 4 years old and perfect (well, mostly!)! The doctors, NP's and nurses were awesome!I went every day and saw the tiny babies, so fragile, and wondered how those moms and dads could bare to go through all that! Well, I got my answer! On Jan. 19, 2004, I was 28 weeks along with my second son. I had miscarried in 2003, but not due to PE or HELLP (insufficient hormone levels). Anyway, I am an agriculture teacher, and it was right before our livestock show (busy time!). I had been clipping and prep'ing animals all weekend. That morning, I felt that same upper left pain! I knew it all too well. I had also begun to swell like a sea cow! So I went to the school nurse and she said my BP was borderline and to call my OB. They said to come right away. I never dreamed I would be delivering the next day! My husband and I were floored! We were devastated! I just knew how small he would be and I rememberd those tiny babies and all they had to endure. Well, the same neo's who cared for my first son, were there to welcome Ranley Camron in to the world at 2 lbs 10 oz. I was in more danger this time. I had had a particularly mentally and physically stressful pregnancy and felt that it was coming, but not this soon. My BP floored during the C-section, but I held together. Ranley was taken to another hospital and I saw him 2 days later. It was all very scary, but the NICU staff was so supportive. At a couple of weeks, his pic line punctured his vein and he filled with TPN fluid, and almost died, but he fought his way home after 7 weeks of "roller coasters." We are so lucky! There were 1 pounders in there that were making incredible strides. We got to know the parents of one little girl who was just over a pound at birth. She just turned 1!! Ranley will be 1 this month. I doubted if he would make through the first day, and here we are at the first year. He's perfectly healthy and normal. WOW - Praise God! And Bless Dr. Peter Serrao, who was recently killed in a house fire. He saved and cared for thousands of precious lives, including my 2! I know that the talent and skills of my OB, and all the NEO's and staff, and of course, endless prayers, saved my babies and myself. If you are affected by HELLP or PE, hang in there and keep praying.
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