On July 14, 2003, my husband and I were told the news that we were

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On July 14, 2003, my husband and I were told the news that we were
On July 14, 2003, my husband and I were told the news that we were expecting! We were so delighted b/c we had suffered through two miscarriages in the past year. I was very careful with every step I took, I did not lift and tried my best to exercise and eat a balanced diet! The first few months were easy, except for the nausea every morning! In January I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant when I began to swell. I was concerned so I contacted my ob/gyn and they checked blood pressure and my urine, all was clear according to the doctor (although I do believe the urine test strip was somewhat green but when I asked I was told it was fine). The following week, I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well, so I went downstairs. In the early morning, I became very sick and vomited. A few hours later I began to see spots and lines, although I knew these were signs of Preeclampsia, I also thought it was just b/c I had not eaten since the afternoon before. As the week went on I became very swollen. On January 23, 2004 my husband advised me to have my blood pressure checked by the school nurse (I am a teacher) and she told me I need to leave and go to my doctors office. Once at the Ob/Gyn my blood pressure was very high and I had protein in the urine. I was admitted to Labor and Delivery. The doctors did a 24-urine sample and I was monitored and so was our unborn child. They told me every day inside me was better for the baby. At times my blood pressure would be stable and then it would go off the wall again. On January 26, 2004, I had a very bad night, I woke up feeling sick and when I went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and didn't know the person who was staring back! My eyes were bulging and the whites were yellow. I was freaking out. I called for a nurse b/c I was going to get sick and by the time they came I was already sick all over the bed! At the end I was throwing up blood! I was crying and yelling and they called the Dr. who was on call. They gave magnesium sulfate so I would not seize! I went to sleep and the next day (January 27, 2004) I was having trouble breathing! Later that day, all the doctors decided I better deliver and they induced me but I could not breathe! I kept telling them that and I told my husband please don't let them let me deliver this way, I won't make it! They did an x-ray and the next thing I knew I was put on a gurney and they said "I am a very sick woman and my husband will have to make all my medical decisions for me from here on in and was I comfortable with that!" They had someone giving me air with a green balloon and that is all I remember! I woke up the next day with a breathing tube and was in CCU (critical care unit) and didn't remember much. My husband said we had a beautiful baby girl and she weighs 3lbs. 10oz (she was born at 32 weeks). She was in the NICU for almost a month. Later that day I was moved back to maternity and when I was coherent my doctors told me I came down with HELLP syndrome and went into flash pulmonary edema. I was very lucky that I did not have a vaginal birth b/c I probably would not be sharing my story today. I suffered from posttraumatic stress for weeks. I thank God every day allowing me to live and experience motherhood. I share my story with everyone who will listen, especially my pregnant friends, not to scare them but to educate them on the signs of preeclampsia and the HELLP syndrome. As a matter of fact my sister who was also pregnant I preached to her every moment I could and it was a good thing b/c she too had preeclampsia but she was able to deliver at 38 weeks and her baby was 6lbs. 15oz. My daughter, Cecilia Grace is now almost 6 months old and she is almost 11lbs! She truly is a miracle! Thank you for allowing me to share my story
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