God permitted me to take part in a miracle. My pregnant daughter April, became very

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God permitted me to take part in a miracle. My pregnant daughter April, became very
God permitted me to take part in a miracle. My pregnant daughter April, became very ill on Tuesday, January 13, 2004, and had to have the baby taken c-section because of eclamsia. She was 7 weeks early and had a visit at the doctors that day. Because some test results needed rechecked she was sent straight to St.Clair Hospital. She was never told she might have this very serious condition! She had a severe headache that day, but told me not to bother to come with her, and that it would go away soon. I felt the need to be there and arrived at the hospital around 10 p.m. I knew that something horrific was happening to April. She experienced 10 years of migraines and we probably would have concluded that this was what was happening again but it got worse. April had excrutiating pain in her head. Around midnight, I asked for the nurse to get the doctor. She said that the doctor would only monitor what was happening but she gave the doctor a call. More medication was ordered only 45 minutes after administering Morphine to April. The nurse gave April a very slow injection. I asked April if she had any other pain and where. She could only whisper saying that her right hand was getting numb. She was in such intense pain and hardly able to whisper. It was then I felt something was about to happen. Within 3 minutes her hand cramped, she was gasping, her lips turned blue, and her face was gray and the seizure began. I prayed over and over until the emergency unit came in. I watched and prayed until someone took me to another room. I felt so alone and knew April was alone. I prayed for God to surround her with His holy angels, His protecting and ministering angels, and that the blood of Jesus would cover her. I quickly called her husband Larry, my husband Bill, and my mother who prayed with me and said she would call several prayer chains. A nurse came by and told me April was breathing. When I went back to her room her face was very swollen, her eyes extremely puffed and she was not communicating. I knew I couldnt dwell on what I was seeing, but on Gods faithfulness and His promises. The nurse watched her quietly and when I thought things calmed down April began to stiffen again and shook violently. She stopped breathing. I dont know how long this seizure lasted. It was severe. The room was again filled with people and I walked into the hall to see if her husband was coming. I came back to see her struggling. She was so sick and began to throw up, but she was not responding to us. The doctors seemed confused. I prayed. They talked about a life-flight to McGee Hospital about 30 minutes away, or to operate and deliver the baby there. I prayed for wisdom for the doctors and for the Lord to put the right ones there. Larry her husband finally came, so did my husband Bill, and Aprils brother Chris. They had April heavily medicated and the doctors seemed very concerned. They decided to operate and had her on Magnesium Sulfate. They took her to the operating room around 3 a.m. to perform an emergency C-section. It was only 20 minutes until the baby was born. He was pink, cute and a looked healthy at 4 6oz. but was taken for evaluation to a nearby Childrens hospital. We all felt peace about the baby, but no so for April. She was taken to the coronary care unit around 4a.m. April lost a good bit of blood, but didn't need a transfusion, and was checked every 10 minutes or so. All seemed to be quiet through the early morning hours. She was in a deep drugged sleep and woke only briefly and was unable to stay awake or understand what happened. She would fall back to sleep so our family began to leave around 5 a.m. I stayed and prayed. She slept in a very deep drugged sleep from 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. when she woke and asked to sit up. She was thirsty. I called the nurse and I gave her ice chips. I asked April if she knew she had the baby. She said she only found out from the nurse about thirty minutes ago, even though we repeatedly told her. She didnt remember anything. She asked me why she was there. The nurse told her she had a seizure. She looked upset. I told her everything would be fine, the baby is healthy and cute. She then wanted to lie back a little and I asked her if she was in any pain. She said a little, and I asked her where she had the pain, but she didnt answer me. I called her name and she stared at me. I called for the nurse and before she came, April experienced another seizure far worse than all the others. As I held her I prayed until all the doctors came. I was moved into the hallway and watched until a nurse escorted me into another room. As I waited, I prayed and called others again to pray. I knew in my heart she was in a life and death situation. I waited alone again for over an hour. Many nurses came to check on me but didn't give me any information on my daughter. I knew she was gravely ill. As a mother and minister I wanted her here for her family, her three boys and husband, so I desperately prayed for her to be healed. I knew that the fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous man (or mother) avails much. After what seemed to be an hour they told me she was still in serious condition but stable. They prepared her to be life-flighted to McGee Hospital after a CT scan. Her husband was with the baby at Childrens hospital and could not be reached and I was exhausted physically and in need of reinforcements. God sent them. My husband, Bill came back with my children, her husband Larry returned, my brother and my two sisters came, and my Pastor. We made a circle of prayer and I knew that God was with us. Most of Wednesday April was in a serious condition in the ICU at McGee Hospital. Aprils face was swollen, her eyes so puffed and her tongue was swollen over her bottom teeth probably from biting it. All night we waited. I prayed that she would have a sweet sleep. Wednesday evening she woke and talked, but was terribly weak. She was confused but she asked about the baby. Thursday afternoon she was moved to high risk. Thursday evening she was wheeled to another floor to see her baby for the first time for a few minutes. Friday she held him for the first time and Saturday she nursed him. God is so very faithful. He loves us and wants us to know that he is with us. They called the baby Gabriel, meaning "messenger of God". We received that message of God's love during those hard days. Well, April came home Sunday, January 18th without the baby. God saw us through a rough week of traveling back and forth to the hospital for Gabriel. And he was strong enough to come home Friday, January 23, a full month before they told us that he would be able to come home. April is still recovering and baby, Gabriel, still less than five pounds, is doing very well. Adrian Savaren, mother of April The Living, The Living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day!!!!" Isaiah 39:18
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