On Thursday, February 13th, 2003 I went to meet with the nurse practitioner to just

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On Thursday, February 13th, 2003 I went to meet with the nurse practitioner to just
On Thursday, February 13th, 2003 I went to meet with the nurse practitioner to just learn about breastfeeding and during the routine blood pressure check it showed 130+ over 90. They explained that there also appeared to be just a little bit of protein in My urine. I was 33 weeks pregnant and we were on our way to Houston on Friday for a wedding. My husaband flew in that night from work in Chicago and was concerned with the report. My husband wanted to make sure that my Doctor really thought it was ok that we traveled. I want to stress that I showed no visible signs of Preeclampsia. The prior visits to the Doctor has not shown high blood pressure. I had a little bit of swelling but NOTHING that would have made someone think that I was anything but pregnant. So on Friday morning we went in to see Dr. and my blood pressure was higher 146/96. We then were sent to the Hospital just to be scanned and observed for an hour or so..... They did an ultrasound and non stress test. The ultrasound showed that though everything was still in normal ranges it appeared that your growth was starting to be asymmetrical/head preserving. They explained that our baby wasn't getting as many nutrients from me as she should have been. They said that they would want to see me twice a week for the rest of the pregnancy. We said Ok. They kept me on the non stress test and announced that I was staying for 24 hours. The good news was that all of our nurses were AWESOME! They were so great and were so excited to hear all about our hypnobirthing plans and wanted lots of details. The 24 hours turned into 48 because they didn't feel comfortable with what they were seeing on the non stress test. There was nothing bad they said but there was also not the variation they would like to see in your vitals. My back was really hurting Saturday because they kept me on me on my left side so my husband started doing the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques with me. He told me to relax my back and release all the tension and fear I was holding in my back. He did such a great job that I fell right to sleep. Saturday night I was awoken by the baby swat team who rolled me over and moved the monitor around until they could locate the baby's heart beat. They located it quickly and it was back at 150 bpm. It was 4:30 am and we couldn't take our eyes off the monitor. My doc came in and saw us on Sunday morning and said that I had just won a trip to stay in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. She was also calling in the Ultrasound doc in to scan the baby first thing to check on her. He came in shortly after with his new machine and explained everything very thoroughly to us in regards to what was happening with her. My placenta was aging very quickly and not working correctly. Even though I showed just mild signs of pre-eclampsia the placenta was reflecting a much different picture. He calmly explained that we were all walking on a frozen lake that was cracking and eventually we would fall through the ice. If left untreated this baby would become stillborn. He didn't know when but he knew that it was coming if the placenta continued to age. Her head measured at 32 weeks and her abdomen was at 28 weeks. (already a fairly large difference) He told us he was going to give me a shot of steroids to develop her lungs in the next 24 hours and probably deliver the baby at that point unless adding the IV and steroids really made a difference with the placenta but he said that doesn't typically happen. My mom flew from Seattle to Dallas at 1 pm and got to the hospital at 7:15 pm. The baby seemed to be doing ok again during the day on the non stress test. Once we went to sleep she "decelled" again and the swat team descended on us. This time they were having a hard time finding the heart beat and they through oxygen on me. They told me to start breathing deeply and I kept thinking... in to the count of 4 out to the count of 8. However, watching the monitor and not hearing them say they were finding anything and once they did the heart beat was so low and were trying to get me to get the oxygen to the baby I started shaking and my teeth were chattering. My husand started chattering too. He calmed down much before me but once I started I couldn't stop my body from shaking. They started prepping me for the c-section and all I could do was chatter and shake. The strange thing is I felt incredibly focused inside just that my body didn't reflect it. They rolled me in and did the spinal... I didn't cry I didn't fuss I just shook and stayed focused thinking this wasn't my plan but it is the plan we are now on and I will make the most of it. They had me on oxygen and told me to breath deeply. It seemed like a very short time before they announced that our 3lb 5 oz - 17 inches long baby girl had arrived. Her lungs were fully developed and she was doing great for being 7 weeks early. She stayed at the hospital for 3 weeks before coming home. I can't stress how important the care we received was. I KNOW that I would not have my daughter if it wasn't for my Doc, The Perinatologist (Sp?) and the nurses. We felt VERY well cared for and after reading other people's stories it makes me realize just what could have happened.
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