Pre-Elampsia Twice My story is so much like all the rest who have suffered with

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Pre-Elampsia Twice My story is so much like all the rest who have suffered with
Pre-Elampsia Twice My story is so much like all the rest who have suffered with this horrible disease. My first child was born January 12, 2001 after 30hrs of induced labor, failure to progress, and finally ending up with a csection all at 38 weeks due to my pre-eclampsia. I had been doing 24hr urines over and over since I was 24 weeks with the results always the same-normal; however my symptoms kept getting worse and worse. I had terrible headaches, photophobia, flashers and floaters in my vision and eventually exaggerated and brisk reflexes. I ended up on bed rest when I was 34 weeks pregnant and laid on my left side until the induced me. My delivery was horrific and something out of a bad movie. I was in what I like to term my Magnesium coma, a drug supposed to protect me from seizing, but with awful side effects-nausea, triple vision, headache. When my OB decided after 30 hrs of labor that my son was posterior (sunny side up) and not going to fit through the birth canal I was relieved to head to the OR for a csection. My labor had not been what I had hoped I was strapped to the bed on all sorts of monitors, IVs and unable to cope with the pain of an induced labor and ended up with an epidural that made me so numb my husband had to help me roll side to side. When my son was finally delivered I didnt even realize it and I remember hearing a baby crying and thinking is that my baby. I felt like I had fought a war and lost. Being my first born everyone was so excited and I felt like know really appreciated how miserable I felt and my lack of interest in this baby because of the Mag and such. I hemorrhaged the following morning and truly thought I am going to die. It was a terrifying experience to hear ringing in your ears and coming in and out of consciousness while the medical team manually evacuated clots from my vagina the size of baseballs. Needless to say blooded and bruised my postpartum course was very rocky, but I eventually turned the corner and starting feeling attached to the beautiful baby I had been blessed with. I ended up on BP meds 6 weeks postpartum as my delivery hadnt entirely cured the disease and remained on them ever since. It took be 3 years to even contemplate pregnancy again. My adorable 3 year old son asked God to send us 2 babies one for him and one for me and apparently he had a direct line to God because our second pregnancy was twins. I was devastated. I knew the increased risk factors a multiple pregnancy posed and feared for the health of myself and my unborn babies. I was in better physical condition this time 60lbs thinner and still on BP meds. My team followed me very closely and all was well. At 28 weeks I stopped working so that I could rest more and hopefully not end up having to deliver early or developing Pre-eclampsia. Things seemed to be going okay, I started going 2 times a week for NSTs and Bp checks and then at 32 weeks I started with the signs I knew all too well-bad headaches, swelling, photophobia, flashers and floaters and my BP was way above my baseline. My total protein in my urine was elevated above 900 (which never happened in my first pregnancy)-I was scared to death. I went on immediate bed rest and my OB told me it was a wait and see game, but he thought he would have to deliver me soon. I just wanted to get as far as I could so not to have preemie twins. The bed rest helped a bit and my total protein stayed the same at 33 weeks, I had twice a week trips to the hospital for NSTs ,extended periods of monitoring on the labor floor, and 24 hr urine after 24 hr urine. The day I turned 35 weeks I presented to the hospital with significant headache, photophobia, flashers and floaters, elevated Bp, and elevated total urine protein over 1100. The babies were not as reactive as they should be on NST, I had a level 2 u/s that revealed the babies to be 5lbs each, and my OB delivered the devastating news that this would be my last day of this pregnancy. He delivered me that day. I cried all the way to the OR-I didnt want this to happen today. I could stay on my left side another few weeks, I would be okay. No one would listen to my pleas, you need to deliver today for the health of yourself and your babies, it will be fine. My csection was better this time I was more alert-they waited to start the Mag until after I delivered. My son and daughter were born at 2:41pm, and 2:43pm on November 18, 2004. They were shown to be quickly and then whisked to the NICU. I was taken to recovery then my room, started on Mag and the hot coma of this awful drug ensued. My husband went back and forth from tending me to checking in on the babies who were both requiring assistance with breathing. I did not get to see my babies until 24hrs later and didnt get to hold my daughter until 3 days later. It was devastating. I cried continually and blamed my body for failing me again. I felt totally responsible for causing this pain and suffering for my children and it nearly killed me. My son was in the NICU for 2 weeks and my daughter for 3
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