My name is Jennifer and my daughter and I survived preeclampsia. I was in my

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My name is Jennifer and my daughter and I survived preeclampsia. I was in my
My name is Jennifer and my daughter and I survived preeclampsia. I was in my 28th week of pregnancy when I was rushed to the hospital and told that I would be having a c-section immediately. I had a normal pregnancy I did not understand what was going on. I had no idea that there was anything wrong, however I only gained 13 lbs in my first 24 weeks of pregnancy when I went back to the dr for my 27 week check up I gained an additional 17 lbs. My husband and I found this odd, but were told by my dr that it was the summer and it was hot and I should cut salt out completely and stay in bed as soon as I got home from work. I followed his directions and still blew up like a balloon. Two days before my daughter was born I was at work and my boss came in and noticed my right leg was turning blue I called my dr and he told me to go home and get in bed and to call him if there was no change. I ended up staying home from work the next day and my leg returned to normal, however that night I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible pains in my back, legs, and belly. I went to the bathroom and that was when I began to bleed. I immediately woke up my husband he called the dr while I got ready to head to the hospital. When I arrived they did an ultrasound, took my vitals and asked me a million questions, finally the dr came in and told us that I had preeclampsia and I would be going in to have a c-section. They took me right in the OR and at 4:49 AM my daughter was born. She was not breathing and things were not looking good for either of us at this point. They rushed her down to the NICU and knocked me out. My family was told that they would not be able to see either of us my daughter weighed only 3lbs 2ozs and was on a breathing machine and what looked like ever tube imaginable and I was in kidney failure along with high blood pressure and now had to recover from the c-section. I did not get to see my baby until the next day and did not get to hold her until she was four days old. A priest came in to baptize her, I am catholic but I felt that if I gave the ok for her to be baptized then I would be giving the ok for her to go with God and I was not giving up that easily. We were told all of the problems she could have she could be blind, deaf, have cerebral palsy, be mentally handicapped, the list went on. We could not feed her because she was too young to understand the breath, suck, and swallow method she was on a feeding tube. We were also told that she would probably be in the hospital until my due date. She was jaundice and eventually needed a blood transfusion. My daughter was a fighter she was tested for just about everything and every test came back fine. She came home from the hospital a month after she was born she gained an ounce a day in the hospital and when she came home she continued to thrive by Christmas she was four months old and chubby. I consider myself very lucky she is my miracle. She is now four years old very tall thin but tall. She is not slow like we were told was a possibility she is actually one of the smartest children in her pre k class. I was told that there was only a 12% chance that I could develop preeclampsia again, however my husband and I are still very nervous and are not sure if that is a chance we want to take. I just thank God that I have my daughter and my own life.
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