During my first pregnancy everything went normally until my 31 week visit. At that time

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During my first pregnancy everything went normally until my 31 week visit. At that time
During my first pregnancy everything went normally until my 31 week visit. At that time my blood pressure was elevated and my OB eluded to the fact that if things don't improve I may end up on bed rest due to preeclampsia. She didn't want to scare me and just made an appointment for four weeks later. By that appointment I really wasn't worried and hadn't really noticed the extremely sudden weight gain. My hands, feet and face were quite swollen, but I didn't want to seem neurotic. I was working full time and was unable to stay off my feet for more than twenty minutes at a time. Anyway, my regular appointment came and I was somewhat surprised at the news. (however, I had registered a large weight increase and was starting to really feel weird/sick). She came in and told me that there was protein in the urine and the blood pressure was very high. My husband and I had to wait because there were going to be some immediate tests done in the office. I had a non stress test to make sure the baby was ok and then and ultrasound. Thankfully the baby was fine. I was sent home to bedrest and was told not to get up except for the bathroom. I was almost six weeks away from my due date. I was very good about bed rest and honestly felt too sick to want to do much else but sleep. I had several visits to check on my health and the health of the baby and each time my condition wasn't improving but the baby was stable. My doctor finally decided to induce when I was 37 1/2 weeks. She said that things can go downhill rapidly with this condition and the baby looked good, so we were going ahead with a vaginal delivery. My labor was average (12 hours), but I delivered vaginally without any medication and Emily Paige was born healthy at 7 pounds 11 ounces on May 16, 2003. She is a beautiful, spunky 18 month old. The reason I decided to write my story is because I have always credited my doctor's knowledge of preeclampsia with my health and the health of my baby. After reading several of the stories, I feel blessed to have found this OB. My sister's sister-in-law became extremely ill right before and during the delivery of her first and I feel she wasn't managed correctly. It is important to know about the disease so that you can advocate for yourself and you unborn child. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with our second and hope that I will be symptom free. However, my doctor told me at the onset last time that it was likely to occur again with subsequent pregnancies. Our family moved and I considered getting a new OB in town, but decided to drive the 30 minutes each way for appointments because my doctor is familiar with my case and seemingly errs on the side of caution with pregnancy issues. Besides, she just recently had twin boys, so she is even more likely to be proactive with her patients. I hope that more patients with preeclampsia have results that I had. Honestly, until reading this website, I had no idea how serious my condition was at the time. I pray for all you who have lost a baby to the disease.
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