I was 28 when I got pregnant. My blood pressure always ran on the low

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I was 28 when I got pregnant. My blood pressure always ran on the low
I was 28 when I got pregnant. My blood pressure always ran on the low side. I never had morning sickness. In February of 2001, when I was in my 5th month, I started getting explosively sick. It was only when I had a bowel movement. It was horrible. Other than that, I felt fine. I did not like being pregnant though.

The doctor was way off on my due date. To begin with they gave me August 17, 2001. Well, I knew that I had gotten pregnant in mid-October, 2000. So when I went to the doctor in Feb, he did an exam and said, 'oh no, you're way too big.' Needless to say, I was sent to have an ultrasound. They gave me a new due date of July 9th, 2001.

I had headaches and the urge to urinate even when I had just gone. Every single time that I went into the office, they said I had a bladder infection. My doctor was probably in his 80's and never got stirred up over anything.

On June 9th, 2001 I woke up crying. My hands hurt so bad, I thought I was going to die. I had started having what I thought was arthritis pains in my fingers a couple of months prior. The pains had gradually spread to all the bones in my hands. But June 9th, it was excruciating, and I couldn't even pick up an empty can of soda. I waited til monday morning, the 11th. I went in, and the dr took my blood pressure. He said, 'you have to go see a specialist right now. I will call and get you in.' I was in shock. My doctor never acted that way. My blood pressure was 175/114.

Well, my husband took me to the specialist and they told me I had to have the baby that day. We went to the hospital and they hooked me up, but told me after a couple hours that my blood pressure was ok and I could wait, since I was only 36 weeks.

I went home and followed up with the specialist the next morning. He was mad, and told me 'you can have the baby now and have the possibility of it having problems, or you can wait, and having the reassurance that you will be put in i.c.u.' I asked what the chances were that my baby would have problems. he said that 36 weeks was kind of the turning point and that of course he wished i could wait a week longer, but that would be against his advice. So that night I went back to the hospital.

The next morning my son was delivered by C-Section. The minute he was out, my hands stopped hurting. He was born with no surfactant. He spent 30 hours on life support and another 3 days on oxygen. Then he had 2 days under the bili lights and came home after 9 days. He now has Sandifer's Syndrome, but is a vibrant, loveable 10-month old that has been walking for 3 weeks. But because of the pre-eclampsia, I have talked to my husband about having a vasectomy. I don't think I could go through that again.

If you would like to see my son, Christian Isaiah, his website is here Christian Isaiah's WebSite
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