I had my daughter Keanna on May 16, 2003. I was 36 years and expecting

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I had my daughter Keanna on May 16, 2003. I was 36 years and expecting
I had my daughter Keanna on May 16, 2003. I was 36 years and expecting my first child. I was working one of the most stressful jobs you ever want to while you are pregnant. I was a Team Leader in a Call Center. I really think this contributed to my stress level. My pregnancy was fine untill I hit Month number 7 1/2. Then all of a sudden the weight gain started to come on like crazy. I started to feel extra tired all the time and the sweeling was so bad there were no shoes that would fit my feet. I was going to the doctor each and every week and then suddenly one week I gained 20 pounds from one Monday to the next. Needless to say my car stayed in the parking lot at the doctor;s office. My doctor would not let me leave. Being the stubborn person that I am , I had no idea that had I not stayed and got my blood pressure under control I could have killed me and my baby. I wound up goind home after about three days. Only because I took Labatelol (A blood pressure lowering medication) while I was in the hospital and talked the doctor on call to let me go home. Needless to say my doctor wanted to kill me when she came back . So I was admitted again and stayed there untill I was 35 weeks and delivered my daughter. Healthy and with no complications. So after all that , I find myself now here at 38 years old 8 weeks pregnant with baby number two. Ready to go throught the drama all over again. Ladies, I have one thing to say through all my experiences please whatever you do and wherever you work, Remember that no job is important enough to stress you out to risk the life of you or your baby. And, after all that I quit that company and get paid less money and I am happier than I have ever been making $10,000 more a year. Take Care and Love Yourselves and your babies.
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