My first pregnancy at age 27 went uneventful until the beginning of my 37th week.

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My first pregnancy at age 27 went uneventful until the beginning of my 37th week.
My first pregnancy at age 27 went uneventful until the beginning of my 37th week. I was at my doctor's visit when it was discovered I had protein in my urine and an elevated blood pressure. Since I was far enough along, my doctor scheduled me to be induced. Fortunately, when I arrived at the hospital it turned out I was already in labor and didn't know it. Seems that I couldn't feel the contractions. Labor never got very intense and 13 hours later with only 5 pushes my son was born - a little blue, but he got an APGAR of 9. I didn't think anything about the preeclampsia at the time because most of what I had read (this was 14 years ago) stated it was common among first time mothers. 5 years later with my second pregnancy I came down with preeclampsia again...this time at my 31st week. I was regulated to bed rest and checking my urine for protein levels everyday. After a few weeks of this my blood pressure kept rising and I was hospitalized for four days with complete bed rest (they wouldn't even let me up to use the toilet!) The unusual part is that I felt fine - a little dizziness and difficulty breathing if I walked any distance but otherwise no outward signs of the disease. I was sent home after the four days but to continue bed rest and visited by a nurse. By the 37th week I was far enough along that they induced labor and after only 3 hours of labor my second son was born. He was healthy with no problems (7 lbs 4 oz). Two years later I was pregnant with my third child and decided that I should be careful and do research because I thought the preeclampsia was getting worse with each pregnancy - I was afraid this one would kill either me, my child, or both. At the time I was living in the Pittsburgh area and McGee Women's Center was doing a study on preeeclampsia, so I participated in the study. This time, however - no signs of preeclampsia whatsoever and I delivered a 9 lb 4 oz boy after an hour and a half of labor on his due date. That was seven years ago. What made the difference? I don't really know, but I do know that with my first two, I couldn't stomach the prenatal vitamins the doctor gave me and didn't take them. With my third, I had lost a lot of weight on Jenny Craig and had been using Carol Bond Health Food's multi-vitamins recommended for pregnancy. I think that might have been some contributor to my nutritional situation as studies have shown that those countries where nutrition is poor, there is a higher incident rate of preeclampsia. Also, both boys with whom I had preeclampsia had other health problems growing up. (primary enuresis, problems with bowels, attention difficulties, etc.)
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