As we approach the 1st birthday of our third child, Emma my husband and I

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As we approach the 1st birthday of our third child, Emma my husband and I
As we approach the 1st birthday of our third child, Emma my husband and I find ourselves celebrating so much more than just a birthday. We can't believe it was only a year ago that our lives seemed so different. On June 1, 2003 Emma joined our family. All three of my pregnancies had been uneventful. Three days after she was born I was feeling great and home enjoying my new baby. Then my neck started to hurt. A call to the ob office resulted in nothing they said it was not pregnancy related. They could not have been more wrong. By the next day my neck ache had become a headache that made me think my head was about to explode. After a trip to our family practice, a round of catscans and bloodwork at the hospital and finally an ER visit I still was not diagnosed as being eclamptic. After returning from the er and going to bed my husband awoke at 2 in the morning to find me foaming at the mouth and seizing. I was taken to the local hospital and stabilized only after having several more seizures. Then I was transported to a bigger hospital for MRI. The magnesium sulfate was started and the seizing stopped. I remember laying there on the mag not being able to move for two days and I remember waking up extremly confused. I was sure I was going to die and my family did not look very convincing when they told me I was not. One of the doctors was asking me what I named the baby and I had no idea what he was talking about. I remember looking at my husband and being confused for a minute about who he was and he was telling me about our older children and it started to come back to me. Then he told me Emma was fine and she was at home with family and I had no idea who he was talking about. Slowly my memory did retun I do remember giving birth and vaguely bringing her home. But the first fews days of her life are a blur to me. I spent the rest of the summer having me and my family taken care of by realatives. I remember thinking I was never going to get my life back. My recovery was long and I remember crying on a daily basis for no reason over anything. I think I was just so disappointed that it had not gone the way that I had planned. By September I was allowed to drive again and was taken off anti-seizure medicine and was feeling like maybe I would return to normal. I was told that post-partum eclampsia is extremly rare, but the more I learn about it I am not sure I believe that. Now in a few weeks we are going to celebrate Emma and the life we have together. She has turned out to be the best baby in the world she sleeps, she eats, she smiles and hugs. I thank God everyday for sending her to me and allowing me to be here to enjoy her.
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