My story begins when i was 26 weeks pregant with my first baby.I was only

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My story begins when i was 26 weeks pregant with my first baby.I was only
My story begins when i was 26 weeks pregant with my first baby.I was only 19 years old. One night my feet swell up but in a few days they went down. A few days after that I began getting pain in my upper stomache regin.By the third night the pain was unbarable so I went to the hospital and the told me I had preclampsia. I had no idea what it was so they told me. My blood pressure was like 190/124. They wanted to try and get it down and let the baby in my womb as long as possible.That was not going happening so they took my baby C-section. He weighed 1 pound 3ozs. He was put on a ventilator. Where he remined for about a month and a half and after that he was on oxygen. Of course he was in an incubator. I lived an hour away from the hospital and my only transportation was my cousin who had a schedule of her own. She managed to bring me to see my son about once a week. I didnt get to hold him till a month and a half later when he weighed 3 pounds. He was still on oxygen and being feed through a tube in his mouth down to his stomache.Sometimes I got to stay at the hospital in a room for two or three days a week.All I could do was sit in a chair by his incubator and pray for him to get bigger and better.So far by this point he had no complacations like other babys there and i was thankful for that.When he weighed 4pounds some ounces he got transfered to another hospital. A 11 bed baby hospital called TIC which is located in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. At this hospital I was able to stay with my baby.It truly was a home away from home.When arrived there he was still in an incubator and on oxygen. He was about 2 and a half months old. His entire stay there I was able to stay there and be by his side.When he was 3months old he had to have laser eye surgery on his eyes or he would have went blind.Finally after 4 months from birth he was able to go home. He remained on oxygen and a heart monitor. He came home December 17, 2003 just in time for christma. He weighed only 6 pounds when he came home. He remained on oxygen for a month and a half and on the monitor for a month after that.Today he is only 6 months old and weighs almost 12 pounds and is doing fine.He still has time ahead of him for any problems to arise but i pray he will turn out to be healthy. My son has had it rough start in life but not as rough as lots of other babys so i am so gracious for him. My story dosent end here as not the other mothers who have had or has preclampsia.
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