I had problems from 8 weeks pregnant 1st they thought i was eptopic but it

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I had problems from 8 weeks pregnant 1st they thought i was eptopic but it
I had problems from 8 weeks pregnant 1st they thought i was eptopic but it turned out to be a cyst that went after 12 weeks. then at 4 month pregnant i got a urine tract infection which was when they started to realise i had high blood pressure. They kept an eye on me in clinic but after a couple of weeks admitted my to hospital as i had protein in my urine and my uric acid was high in my blood and i started to swell up. The consultant thought that i would only make 28weeks but i agreed to stay in hospital untill the last minute that they would deliver my baby. The staff we're amazing i was informed everyday to what was going on with my blood pressure they tried drugs to lower my blood pressure which i had an allergy too. i was in hospital for 2 month but was o.k as i knew they we're watching me. At 32 weeks on a tuesday i was ill but o.k till 6pm when my blood pressure continued to rise and i swelled up so much i could'nt walk very well they decided to put a needle in my as they started to get worried but i had no veins they had to get an anesistist, i felt fine had a bit of a head ache but nothing different for me, but by 8pm my face began to sell up and they got worried and told me i had a 200ml urine out put which they had measured in a 24 hour urine pot and that i had to high blood pressure and that i had too much protein in my urine so i would have to have an emergancy c-section i got transfered to the labopur ward where they called my husband and dad who lived 3 countys away which started to worry me they got a doctor from the neonatal unit to speak to me who said my baby had a good chance because the staff a week before had given me betamethazone which had improved her lung strength. The only problem was i had eaten so they would have to do the c-section at 3am so they gave me a really pain full drug called magnism sulphate it felt like every time they put some in my arm my hole body felt on fire and they put a catherter in which then made me wee so they decide to do the c-section at 9 am as it would be safer. 9am wednesday i was taken to theatre my husband was allowed in as i had a spinal which they tried 5 times to get in as i was so big and swollen they had trouble getting it in. With in 3 minutes of them opening my Willow was born 3lb 8ozs i was told i might no hera or see her before i went into theatre but to my surpise i heard her scream and i got to see her before she was taken to NICU. It took them 40 minutes to stich me then i was on HDU on labour ward as my blood pressure was still dangeressly high a doctor and two midwifes we're in with me all night giving me drugs to lower my blood pressure i don't remeber any of this my husband told he was'nt allowed to talk to me unless i spoke first and that it was to be very quiet and relaxed while they got my blood pressure down. I remeber the NICU sent up a picture and advised me willow was grunting so she had to have antibiotic and c-pap which is a ventolator but not to worry. 3 dats later i was allowed to get up and move i could'nt get up qiuck enough as i new if i had every thing taken out i could go down to NICU to see my baby. I manage to see willow in the afternoon she had lost abit of weight and they wanted me to start expessing milk to feed her as she was only on nasel oxygen and would be off it soon. I was so nervous the next day when i held her and sore all of the things attached to her but they explained what they all did and that she had gained weight and was doing really well. I was transferred to the ward where i could stayed for 10 days and had to come back once a week for blood pressure checks. Willow did so well she was only in NICU for 4 weeks and 1 day and was 4lb 8ozs when she came home. Now i work in maternity as a health worker shareing my experience with others who are so worried when they find out they have pre-eclampcia but also want to be at home, i alway remind them they are in the safest place and that we can keep an eye on them better here. I wish anyone who has just found out they have pre-eclampcia the best of luck and get lots of rest. Anna severe pre-eclampcia
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