I was due Oct 16th of 2003. Things seemed to be going well at first.

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I was due Oct 16th of 2003. Things seemed to be going well at first.
I was due Oct 16th of 2003. Things seemed to be going well at first. The baby was growing and moving. I started to notice my body to be kinda swollen. My famliy said I was fine and I was just over reacting. Till I started to get these really bad headaches. I went through the whole weekend with these horriable headaches. Finally that sunday night I stayed up all night just crying praying they would go away. But they stayed. I finally called my doctor that morning and told her I needed to come in. That morning they took my blood pressure and tested my urine. My nurse came back and said they were wanted me to go to the local hospital and be checked for preeclampsia. I never heard of this so it really scared me. When I got there I was there all day. Finally my headache went away and they sent me home. But I wasnt even home an hour and it started again. Nothing seemed to help. Finally that morning they told me that I was going to a near by hospital that handle this. My doctor couldnt go with me but told me that they were a great hospital. As soon as i was in the ambulance I never felt so scared till they turned on the sirens and lights. They told me when I got there to be prepared that I was having the baby in a few days. They gave me shots of steriods to help the babies lungs develop. It seemed like forever being there. I was going to be delievering 8 weeks early. They told me the chances that the baby wont make it or I couldnt either. I have one older child. And knowing I could be leaving without my new baby or not going home to my oldest was the hardest part. On the 3rd day they prepared me for emergancy c-section. I could only lay there totally numb and so scared. When I was laying on the operating table I just kept praying that God would take care of us. Finally I could hear them talking saying that the baby was coming. And as soon as she was taken out she cried. And that was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. They brought her to me so I could see her before she was rushed off the NICU. She was 2lbs and 12ozs and 14 1/2inches long. And she was the most beautiful baby. She was there about 5 weeks and she finally got to come home weighing only 4lbs. She is going to be 5 months now and weighs 10lbs and is so smart and is catching up so well. In all the mess the name we decided on for her ended up meaning HOPE. Who knew?? ANd she defintly is true example of the hope that I had in God that he would keep us in his hands and help us.
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