My Story has a happy ending thanks to GOD. When I had just Graduated High

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My Story has a happy ending thanks to GOD. When I had just Graduated High
My Story has a happy ending thanks to GOD. When I had just Graduated High School I had a serious boy friend whom I became active with we were both into the normal after high school planning college and partying. I became pregnant,I told my boyfriend and he was not ready so he and I broke it off. So here I was 18 years old and pregnant the only support I had was my mother and a few friends. In the first couple months I was a reck I was constanly stressed out about how I was going to raise a baby I was only a baby myself. Heres when it all started I was 8 weeks pregnant and I was cramping so I asked my mother if that was normal and she told me no not this early in pegnancy and then later I used the restroom and notices I was bleeding. My mom imediatly took me to the ER and expalined all the way there that I may be having a miscarige and if so I would be ok and she would be there for me. I got to the ER and they told me that me and the baby were ok sometimes early in pregnancys there is still old blood that needs to pass for your pregnancy to move on so I was fine. I was happy to hear this since all the way there I had worked my self up to beliving I was having a misscarige. During the next couple weeks I was having teribble morning sickness and I could barley hold any food down but I did my best I had lost 15 lbs and weighed less than I did before I became pregnant. Now in my 19th week of pregnancy I went to see my OB and she had told me to take it easy and she put me on bedrest my blood pressure was elivated and she was conserned. So of course being a new parent and young and conserned myself I freeked out and went home and followed exactly what she said. She told me to stay away from salty foods and sodas, and to stay away from stress (ya right I was an unwed pregnant teenager who was just told all this). So I did my best. I continued to see my OB once a week from then on. It was until my 32 nd week I went to see my OB and she was very worried about my blood pressure she told me to go to labor and deliver ASAP she would meet me there. I was freeked I am having this baby way early I kept thinking is the baby gonna be Ok. So anyways I get to the hospital and they check me in and give me Pitocin to start my labor. After hours nothing happend and my B/P was raising so they broke my water and upped the Pitocin again. Finally after 18 hours and my B/P Sky rocketing my OB says ok you are having a C-section she wheels me in and takes the Baby. The Baby is a Girl 6 lbs 10 oz and wonderfully healthy. Its the next day my baby and I have bonded well and I feel a little swollen but allright. I decide to go and weight myself and wow I was freeked out I weighted the same as when I came in and I had allready had the baby something must be wrong I keept thinking. I asked the nurses and the OB and they said it was normal after C-Section. I stayed in the hospital 7 days they wanted to make sure I was Ok to go home. I left and went home I felt fine during this time me and the Babys father had gotin back together and agreed to take care of the baby together.I was Happy it was like a happy ending. Until 13 days after my daughter was born I felt fairly good then out of the blue I got a horrible head ache and could not get rid of it I tryed everything. SO I decided to go lay down for a nap at home alone with the baby to see if mabey the head ache would go away. All I remember is having to get up to go to the bathroom and from there I lost contiousnes I went into a stroke like state. My mom came home from work to eatlunch and found me in the hallway i could not talk and my face was flush and pale and she could not get me to stand I would fall and my eyes would cross. My mom ran out side and got two men and told them that she needed there help they ran in and carried me to the car and my mom drove me to the ER. At the ER all of the nursing staff just looked at me and my mom and sayed shell be ok and left me in the waiting room ( mind you I am still not fully contious I can not talk) I am now starting to vomit and my mom finally tells the nurses she needs to be lying down now so they wheel me back to a room. By then my famliy is showing up to see what is going on my father comes in behind my mom and the nurse. As the nurse starts to move me from the wheel chair to the bed I seized into a grandmahl seizure ( wich I still dont remember any of this) my father runs into the hall and sreams get a doctor hurry someone. The doctors come in and give and rip my shirt off and hook me up to all kinds of machines and runs test and find that my B/P was 201/199 wich is really bad. They give me morophine to calm me down and to get rid of all the pain from the head trama. Then I awoke to not understanding anything that happend I had been transfered from hospital to hospital and all this trama that went on. It was so scary. At this point all I could do was Thank GOD that he spared me to be here for my wonderfull baby girl. It has been 6 Years since this and my daughter has grown into a Smart,Beautiful,Wonderfull child I thank GOD not enough for her every day I have had with her. Oh by the way me and her father have since married and are truely happily married and have a wonderfull life with our daughter. I still have not had anyother children because of fear to go through this again. Sincerly, Amber Hutton
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