My story of survival: Severe Pre-Eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and DIC

Post On Thursday, March 08, 2012 By TaMyra

My story of survival: Severe Pre-Eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and DIC

This is my story of survival. This is also my daughter's story of survival. At 22 weeks, I noticed my feet were extremely swollen, and I could barely breathe. I thought it was‚ just normal pregnancy symptoms, until the doctor said my‚ BP was 170/11!!‚ I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 23 weeks. It was way too early to have my baby. We were given steroids immediately for her lungs, in case an emergency C-Section was needed. I was also given Magnesium sulfate, so I wouldn't seize. This medicine made me feel like I was dying.‚ I was put on bed rest and admitted to the hospital. I watched myself gain 5 pounds a day for several weeks, to the point where I reached 276 pounds at my heaviest.


This gave me an extra 110 pounds of fluid in 5 short weeks. My body began to break down, while my organs worked extremely hard to keep me and my baby girl alive. The days turned into weeks, and every hour became critical for our survival. As week 32 approached, I was expected to be induced, but still being 5 days away, I couldnt take it anymore. I prayed and God told me it was time. I told the doctor it was time, but he wasnt in alignment with me. I knew it was time, so I proceeded to head over to another hospital, which happens to be where I was born. Immediately after being admitted, I was in the OR and prepped for an emergency C-Section. We are all nervous that the fluid would fill my lungs after delivery. The doctors had never seen such an extreme case of pre-eclampsia like this in over 20 years. After delivery, my baby girl had to be resuscitated and weighed in at 2lbs 13.8 oz. Shes surely a fighter because she pulled through and didnt even need to go to the NICU, but the Special Care Unit, which is a step up from NICU. For me, this was not such the happy ending. My body immediately crashed. I was then diagnosed with Kidney Failure, HELLP syndrome, DIC, and many other conditions. The next 48 hours were extremely critical for me. We counted on the fluid to come off fast, but since my kidneys were shutting down, dialysis was my only option to fight for me life. Blood transfusions were also administered because my blood wouldnt clot. After days passed by, I had yet to see my angel for the first time. Jordin Marie Dawkins is what we decided to name her, while Angel Face became our nickname for her, since she was such a blessing to be alive. After weeks of therapy, I was finally able to leave the hospital and continue my recovery at home. I had to learn how to walk again and use my limbs because the severity of fluid caused most of my muscles to break down.‚ Even though it seemed to be over, 3 years later, it still is not over. I live every day with reminders of what we had to endure. I worry for my daughter that she may experience similar conditions, since there is evidence that my mother, also, had this disease. My passion in life is to bring as much awareness to this disease, and ensure women are educated on the symptoms and looking for these signs. It's also time that researchers spend time and resources to understand any historical data that may help prevent, fight, and cure this disease that kills so many mothers and babies.

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Te entiendo y se lo que has pasado

Posted On Monday, April 09, 2012 By Susana

Hola Tamyra,

aunque a muchos kilometros de distancia, pero te entiendo perfectamente lo que has pasado y estas pasando.  A mi me detectarón una preeclampsia muy tardía, en la semana 27, mi ginecologa privada me mandaba al hospital a urgencias por que ella me detecto la tensión muy alta y los edemas por el cuerpo. En urgencias (había chicos en practicas) y me dijeron que mi hinchazon era normal y razonable en verano, que las embarazadas nos hinchamos.... y me mando a casa.  Pero una semana después se desencadeno todo, más líquido por todo mi cuerpo, hipertensión, las plaquetas empezarón a descender..... al final yo entre en shock y a mi marido le dejarón la decisión; cesarea de urgencia para salvarme a mi o si esperaban, me perdían a mi y a la niña. Al final me hicieron cesarea, pero la niña no sobrevivió, no estaba formada del todo y yo me quede grave. No me llego a destrozar los riñones pero casi casi.  Despues los médicos me decian que no podía volver a quedarme embarazada, que era una locura, pero lo intente, con medicación y control  y 2 años después nació mi hijo (al final empece con preeclampsia pero.... nació Alex) y por si esto fuera poco, 3 años después.... me quedo embarazada otra vez, con más riesgo, medicación, control,..... y con cesarea programada en el 8 mes, nació mi hija Natalia.  Ya en la cesarea me hicierón por prescripción médica la ligadura de trompas, ya no puedo tener más hijos, pero tengo dos soles.

Solo quiero que por favor, los médicos, investigadores, fundaciones,...... inviertan más dinero y tiempo en la cura y prevención de esta enfermedad, hay veces que con simples pruebas se podrían salvar más vidas.



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