I didn't know I was sick....

Post On Thursday, March 08, 2012 By Sarah

I didn't know I was sick....

During my pregnancy, every test, check-up and ultrasound looked normal.‚  My doctor gave me permission on Dec. 20th to drive to North Carolina (from Ohio) so I could be there for my husband's return from deployment.‚  After spending 7 months of pregnancy without him, I was determined to make the trip.‚  During my pregnancy, I experienced some back pain and swelling but was told this was normal, especially for the third trimester, so I didn't think much when on Christmas day my feet were very swollen.‚  (I thought it was from the salty foods from previous day).‚  I continued on my trip to Camp Lejeune, and was able to see my husband return from deployment.‚  While still visiting him, three days later I was having more swelling, back pains and shortness of breath.‚  I googled preeclampsia and the Preeclampsia Foundation site popped up, and after reading the signs and symptoms, I called my OB at 1AM who said go to the hospital just to get it checked out for peace of mind.

I woke my husband, (both of us thought it was nothing) and we begrudgingly went to the base hospital at 1:30AM.‚  Shortly after arriving to the base hospital my blood was drawn and they came back to me very quickly and said, you have preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, my platelet count was so low and liver enzymes so high they said both were failing, AND I was also at high risk for a stroke!‚  (What a vacation we though!)‚  I was in shock: less then two weeks earlier I seemed to be fine!‚  I would have never gone to the hospital unless I read this site, realized I had four of the symptoms and read about the risk factors.‚  I was induced into labor, and six hours later, gave birth to a beautiful baby healthy (but early) baby girl.‚  After 6 weeks my blood pressure and everything returned to normal.‚  I really appreciate this site, and hope other can be made aware sooner then I was to hopefully avoid some of the problems I went through so quickly and without realizing mine and my baby's health were in jeopardy.

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