Ruptured Placenta and low amniotic fluid

Post On Thursday, March 22, 2012 By Sujata

Ruptured Placenta and low amniotic fluid

My sister in Nepal is in her 27th week of pregnancy. 7-8 days ago she suffered bleeding. Doctor identified 3.4cm rupture of her placenta and advised complete bed rest at the hospital. Her blood pressure began to shoot up to 150/100. Urine test showed protein. Two days ago she was administered medicine for BP. Today BP has reached 120/80.

However the placenta rupture has increased to 6.1cm and the amniotic fluid has decreased as of today. The doctors attending to her say that this is a very serious stage for the mother and the baby. Doctors suggest terminating the baby.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice regarding her condition and the course of action she should take.


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Stay Strong!

Posted On Sunday, April 01, 2012 By Michelle

It is a very hard situation to deal with, your sister and her family are in my prayers! Tell her to stay strong! I personally would never terminate a pregnancy, but that's a personal decision as well. I am 29 weeks pregnant; KI have a tear in my placenta and I have preeclampsia. It's a  struggle every day to think positive! I love my unborn daughter already and I'm not going to give up on her or then strength of my body! My prayers are with your sister and her family during this difficult time!

Hold on tight

Posted On Saturday, March 24, 2012 By Kimberly

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