Heart Problems at 22?

Post On Thursday, May 24, 2012 By Natalie

Heart Problems at 22?

Hello I'm Natalie, I'm 22 years old and I had my first child three months ago. A healthy bouncing baby boy who weighed in at 5lbs 11oz on March 1st 2012. I was going to my doctor visit like normal had a healthy bill every time... One visit around 30 weeks I had my b/p go up and they ordered me to do a twenty-four hour urine test. I called for the results and they came back perfect--no problems; no red flags. Next couple of visits my b/p read normal.

I complained of swelling but my doctor wrote it off; never looked at my legs or feet. Go back on the 37 week visit and my b/p was back up again. So another urine test was taken... The results differed from last but they saw no red flags. They put me on bed rest though! All weekend I suffered through some crazy uncomfortable moments. Checked my b/p at home and it was high!! I called the on-call number and they told me to not get up from the couch, lay on my left side, no salt!!, and drink lots of water.

I really should have just went into L&D and have a doctor decide what I should do. Not a nurse. I waited it out until my 38 week appt. I woke up with a headache, blurry eyes, and a horrible feeling all over. I was swollen all over as usual... but my face swelled up more. I had my husband take me to my appt and my b/p was 160/105. They took me over to L&D and started my labor. I labored for 16 hours! I had my baby they put me in a room and checked my vitals often-as they do anyway. They started me on a pill for high b/p while I was there. I was still really swollen and it seemed no one cared. I had a cough and it was very dry but not awful and I had it for a few weeks... I thought it was just from being sick. I had a b/p spike the day they wanted to release me. They says if my b/p want down at the end of the morning--no go. But it went down and the doctor said to release me. We went joined and I was up all night nursing off and on.

I laid back in bed with the baby and I heard this awful wheezing sound and I did not know it was me at first... I then started coughing and could not stop, I got short of breath and I called the on-call number and explain what was happening. They said go to the ER; the nurse said to me and I will never forget it: "Promise me you will go to the ER." My husband and I rushed to get ready. I was having trouble breathing, but I was bundling the baby throwing things into the diaper bag along worth some formula I had... After all I knew the ER would likely keep me there longer than I wanted too. I got there and they weighed me at 190, b/p was 165/115. The ER doctor thought it was an upper repository infection because of the fluid he heard. WRONG. They them started to realize that nothing they did would bring my b/p down it rose to 165/130. They ordered ct-scan, chest xrays, ekg, then they decided to put in a cath to do lasix (sp?). Then they decided to move me down to ICU/CCU where I had an echo down and was hooked up to nytroglycerin to help control my b/p. I was so shocked and upset I wasn't going home to my newborn and he was not allowed to visit. I was extremely upset but no one could tell because I had to be strong. I lost 10lbs from ER to CCU in a matter of a few short hours. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and eclampsia. They figured out the meds and took me off and on the nytro which gives you the worst headache I have ever experienced.

They finally got me off completely and was moved to mother and baby after two whole days in CCU. I had the best doctor and nurses!!! They helped me overcome such a horrible situation. I got to bring my baby to mother and baby, and her and my husband stayed the night. I went home and was adjusting to the meds they made me feel exhausted and loopy. I also had caught the baby blues... But that did not last long. So I've been seeing my cardio doc once a month and he add a new diagnoses this last visit cardiomyopathy...

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Posted On Thursday, May 24, 2012 By Natalie

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