Eva's Story

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Eva's Story

My husband and I were excited to find out we were pregnant with our first child in 2007.‚  It was not a planned pregnancy but, we were ready to start our family.‚ 

My first couple of months during the pregnancy was normal.‚  I felt good but tired.‚  I was hungry more often than not but, everything seemed ok.‚  Shortly after the third month something changed.‚  I was sick daily.‚  Most of the time without warning and no control over vomiting.‚  I constantly felt like something was wrong with the pregnancy.‚  Being that it was my first time I had no idea what but, I found myself in the office of our midwife almost weekly.‚  They would check the babys heartbeat and tell me everything was ok and send me on my way.

We had decided to do the additional testing for Downs syndrome at the week 20 check up / ultra sound.‚  Again everything came back normal. however they were concerned about the babys small growth.

On April 27th, (week 22) the day went on as normal.‚  I worked, went home and ran through our normal routine.‚  Shortly after we went to bed I started to get a sharp pain in my stomach.‚  Not wanting to bother with my doctor I called the nurse line.‚  They of course encourage you to call your doctor immediately.‚  My midwife asked a series of questions and because I could not decide exactly where the pain was located she thought I had just eaten something bad.‚  At one point my husband looked at me and said your lips look big.‚  I of course heard nothing of it.‚  I even looked in the mirror and saw no difference so I went back to bed.‚  The pain continued.‚  I called my midwife again.‚  She said my only other option was to go to the emergency room so they could have a look.‚  By this time in my pregnancy I had been to the emergency room twice.‚  I was not interested in going again if nothing was wrong.‚  We waited a couple of more hours but, the pain worsened.‚  At one point I was not able to stand up straight.‚  That is when my husband put his foot down and took me in.

We arrived at the hospital and they ran their battery of tests.‚  Within minutes a nurse was back in the room and said we are going to keep you for a while and your doctor is on her way in. The nurse had no other details. Shortly after that our doctor was in and she had said something was wrong.‚  Several of my test results were off the charts and being that she was a midwife she could not longer provide me the medical care, due to the extreme change in my pregnancy.‚  She encouraged us to contact a close family member because we were being transferred to another hospital.‚  We called my mom and she immediately took the phone and stepped out into the hall way.‚  A few seconds later she came back in the room and told my husband where we were going.‚  She let us know that I would need to be airlifted because they were concerned if I went by ambulance I would not survive the hour trip.‚  Still we had no idea what is going on.‚  When the helicopter arrived she grabbed my hand and said, you have elevated blood pressure and protein in your urine. They are going to have to take your baby.‚  She said there is a chance you may not survive the delivery.‚  I dont think the information had even hit us as my husband had to take off by car to get to the next hospital before me.

Arriving at the next hospital several specialists were in the room sharing information with us on my condition.‚  I didnt understand any of it.‚  I was against letting the baby die.‚  I begged my husband, parents and doctors to let me fight for a week or two more and he could raise the child.‚  The doctor stopped me in mid sentence and said your child will not survive delivery and there is a chance you may not either.‚  But we know you will not survive past the weekend if we dont deliver your baby.

Several hours later I give birth to a beautiful baby girl Eva Ixchel Tobon (pronounced Ava).‚  She was 13 oz.‚  and perfect.

Several weeks later at our follow up consultation we are told I am high risk for future pregnancies.‚  I had survived a disease called Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.‚  It was an extreme case because it progressed rapidly and I was lucky to survive. They also informed us it was likely that I would have this awful disease again in future pregnancies.

In 2008 my husband and I decide we are ready to try for another baby.‚  The pregnancy was again normal the first couple of months.‚  Shortly after the third month I again began to throw up daily.‚  My feet swelled and I was uncomfortable.‚  Because we were able to plan and consulted with our doctor in advance, they are prepared to care for us weekly.‚  I had weekly checkups, and starting at week 18 I had weekly ultrasounds.‚  Ever y couple of weeks I did the 24 hour hour urine test to check for protein in my urine.‚  At week 30 our specialist informed us that they had decided it was time to plan for an early delivery.‚  They were happy that I had made it to week 30 but, they didnt think they should risk it any longer.‚  Three days before I was scheduled to deliver at week 32 I felt my blood pressure spike.‚  Being that my specialist was an hour away I head to the nearest clinic.‚  I shared the story of my pregnancy about Eva with the doctor.‚  She confirmed my blood pressure was high and abnormal but, she sent me home to rest anyway and told me to go see my specialist the next day.‚  When I called the next morning my doctor had me in the office immediately and encouraged me to consider induction.‚  After several hours of debate (with my husband and parents) decided it was time.‚  I was in labor for over two days (my husband and mom by my side) to try and avoid a C-section but, my baby boy was having nothing of the sort.‚  On April 13th, 2009 (week 36) our son was born, Santiago Edgar Tobon.‚  He is perfect.‚ 

After the delivery I started to swell.‚  I gained just over 60 pounds of water weight.‚  The doctors informed me that it is called post Preeclampsia and can be just as dangerous.‚  After 13 days in the hospital, 60+ lbs of water weight and a dry kidney, a kidney infection we are discharged and sent home.

I have survived Preeclampsia twice, lost a child and almost lost my life.‚  When I saw my moms design of Evas Angels I thought it was gorgeous.‚  They carry different meanings for all of us.‚ ‚  But for me it has been away to remember Eva with my family.‚  Eva will be in our hearts forever.‚  We grieve and miss her every day.‚  Evas Angels are meant to remember all our babies who have died.‚  Because they are all angels.

Eliza Tobon

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