Our Angel Madi

Post On Friday, June 29, 2012 By cynthia

Our Angel Madi

My granddaughter Madi Rae Street was born June 30, 2011 and sadly passed on July 2, 2011. She was born 16 weeks early by c-section due to severe preeclampsia. Madi did well at first even though she was only 1 pound 12 oz, and they lowered her oxygen, but her little body couldn't take it and she developed pulmonary embolism.‚  There was nothing more they could do, so on July 2nd she passed.This saddest day was originally supposed to be a happy day: my youngest son's wedding. Madi's dad, my oldest son, was there with us, along with his daughter Rachel, Madi's sister (who was herself 8 weeks early because of preeclampsia). My daughter-in-law felt my son should be there for his brother so she told him to come home and bring Rachel everything would be OK. We all thought Madi would be fine since they said she had a good chance. The mixed emotions that day... the healing is still ongoing for all of us.

Madi would have had her first birthday this year on June 30th so we decided to organize a Bowl-a-thon near her birthday in her memory to benefit the Foundation... it would help to begin healing, as we all still hurt. So the Bowl-a-thon was born something we could do to help support the foundation in Madi's name. We will continue everyday to help this Foundation.

There is a lot to her birth and death that is painful still, but being a part of this event from beginning to end helps us know that we are making a difference.

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So terribly sorry

Posted On Monday, September 03, 2012 By Danielle

That's awesome you guys do the Bowl-a-thon! I lost my daughter Kya last October 12th at 22 weeks so I know how the pain feels all too well so I can totally sympathize. It really really hurts I am so sorry. No one should ever experience our pain and what we have gone through. It's the worst!

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