Diagnosed while in labor

Post On Sunday, July 15, 2012 By Amy

Diagnosed while in labor

I had a great pregnancy. I didn't ever get sick or have any real limitations that stopped me from doing anything. I even helped my husband when we moved into‚ our second floor‚ apartment at 8 months along. My back hurt sometimes and I had heartburn real bad to where I ate a lot of tums, but still can't complain.

About‚ 6 to‚ 7 months into my pregnancy I started having‚ RUQ pain. I went to the ER about it once and OB triage once. The ER did nothing and triage kept me for about 6 hours, did blood work and sent me home. Then, around 8 months I couldn't sleep or lay on my right side. I was almost paralyzed by the pain if I laid on my right. It hurt so bad. I told the nurse and doctor at my check ups, but I guess they thought nothing of it and just said sleep another way.

Not long after that I started having high blood pressure that was anywhere from 135/90 to 160/105 while at work. I worked in the ER so I frequently checked my BP, especially if I felt a tingling in my head. Once around 9 months a nurse saw my pressure and made me go to OB triage. I had before not thought anything horrible of it because again I had told my doctor but it seemed to only be high at work. I do patient transport so I guess being on my feet all day pushing stretchers, beds, and wheelchairs could have been the cause. That visit to triage they did blood and urine but found nothing and sent me home to do the 24 hour urine. It also came back fine. My pressure continued to be high at work and I just sat down when it got really bad and my coworkers were fairly understanding, especially given how close I was to my due date.

At 39 weeks on a Monday morning at 4am I started having true labor contractions. I waited until my 11am, regular weekly appointment and when my doctor noticed the amount of swelling (which was pretty bad anyway those last few weeks), combined with my BP being a little high (only second time at an appointment. the first time it was chalked up to the discomfort from BH contractions) and the fact that I was at least 2 cm and having strong contractions, he called to see if there was a room for me at the hospital. There wasn't, so he said to come in at 6 pm and there would be.

We showed up at 6:30ish. I walked all the way from the parking garage to OB and still felt just fine. They hooked me up to everything in my room and the first BP was 180/105. Everyone started freaking out. They called the doctor, started an IV and gave me BP meds and Mag (which makes you feel so crappy). They also got a urine sample and when that came back confirmed it was preeclampsia. When the doctor came in he broke my water, had me on pitocin (even though I thought things were going strong enough already! lol) and in 7 hours, no epidural and‚ only some stadol at 8 cm,‚ I had my little girl. We were both just fine, thank God.

Before this I had no clue what preeclampsia was. A few weeks later I read about it and it was scary to think that I had something that could have gone so much worse. I am so lucky and thankful. I do wish that it was discovered sooner on the chance it could have been worse and I hope that when we get pregnant again that‚ it will be looked at more carefully if I have the same things come up. I guess they just had to have the protein in the urine to confirm... which they finally got that day, after I was already in labor anyway.

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No PE signs or symptoms & then... seizure, 1 min post delivery

Posted On Monday, August 13, 2012 By michelle

Hi Ladies,

Im happy to hear both your scary stories had happy endings :)

With absolutely no signs & symptoms of PE, i had a text book pregnancy and loved being pregnant with not a worry in the world.

One thing that still worries me is: I don't understand why, if PE happens often in pregnancies then why had i never been given any information ect by my doc or midwives. Perhaps i was a little naive to think that ultrasounds and tests given during my pregnancy was all the medical information i needed leading up to birth. With all the books i read on pregnancy, babies and labor I never came across PE, and that shocks me.

My labor was everything i expected it to be; long enduring and painful. I delivered my baby in the birth center, which is only an option for low risk births and mums who dont want any drugs. It was a fantastic facility with great midwives and it was still in a special wing of a very good public hospital.

During my long labor i did not have any blood pressure issues or signs/symptoms of PE & less than 1 min post delivery of my healthy 8pound 10 baby girl i had a eclamptic seizure. My blood pressure spiked instantly and hit 240/100 (i think) & everything from then was a real blur. I was rushed from the birth center down to emergency where i was in a "comatised state" for a few days, when i was awake i was extremely confused and with drips (mag sulfate) and had a catheter. Nurses, my midwife and head emergency doctors were extremely worried about what had happened, life threatening and without warning!!! I had and still have a lot of questions about my rare case, which i struggle to find definite answers for. The main one: will this happen again??? cause my daughter is now 4 1/2 and i really want to have another baby.

But with the research, stories and advice this site has provided me i feel as though i might be TTC at the end of the year. I will be seeing my midwife and doc before conception asking LOTS of questions and taking on board all their advice as well as being very cautious this time round.

This site is fantastic and thankyou everyone for sharing your stories.

Diagnosed during labor

Posted On Sunday, August 05, 2012 By Kathryn

I was diagnosed during labor also at the age of 19. I remember bits and pieces of how serious things were. I know at some point nurses feared I would have a stroke, and I know my daughter's heart rate was dropping. I am a little confused as to how no symptoms ever came up before I was in labor. I went to doctor visits routinely, and everything was fine. I won't have any other children because of this, and I was nineteen then and twenty- eight now. I am glad to know there are other people who were diagnosed during labor like me, and I am glad you and your baby girl were okay!!!!!

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