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Emmalynn was a surprise and honestly I was not mentally prepared to be pregnant. But losing her changed the way I felt. I was 5 months pregnant and i felt sick, pain in my abdomen. My doctor was away on vacation so I decided to go to labor and delivery. As they checked my vitals they were shocked to find my pressure high. This was also the first time I noticed the swelling and the first time I heard the term "preeclampsia." I was rushed to another hospital where they handled high risk pregnancies. I was not prepared what I told next. They said that the baby was weak and she wasnt moving much, that there was a possibility we would need to deliver because my condition was also getting worse. They could stabilize my pressure, my kidneys were failing. I was in bad shape. We were able to hold off three days. By the fourth day I made 24 weeks we were rushed to delivery. Emmalynn was born under one pound. She was with us one hour and passed away. I was told that I could get pregnant again but my risk of preeclampsia was high. Soon my body went back to normal. My blood pressure went down and months later the swelling. This was 2009.

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