lost my baby due to PET at 26 weeks

Post On Saturday, October 06, 2012 By Rama

lost my baby due to PET at 26 weeks

Dunno where to start from. This was our first baby, and we were both excited and happy. At week 20, the doctor came to say that my OS was incompetent, so he put stitches and I was on complete bed rest. By then I had some swelling in my hands and puffiness of the face (esp nose). Rest all things were normal. Even the thyroid test was normal.

At week 26, when I went to the doctor for a routine check, he found my face swollen, but no swelling in my legs and no protein in urine. My BP was 110/80. Baby was doing very well and I could feel every activity in my womb. The doctor just told me to get my BP checked after 2 days.

After 2 days my BP went as high as 160/100. So he suggested I get a good night sleep and recheck in the morning; in the morning it rose to 180/100, after which he told me to get admitted immediately. He kept me under observation. With the medication my pressure would come to normal for just a few hours, after which it would reach back to its high. So after 2 days of trying, he shifted me to another hospital. Till then I had vomited 5 times, my urine output was greatly reduced to a few drops with very high content of protein in it. Pressure went to 200/110. 

So then the doctors decided to terminate my pregnancy as I had very high risk of multiple organ failure or seizures. I went through a normal labour and delivered a still baby. :( :'(

My baby was too small to survive. So I lost our little bundle of joy. It was very traumatic. 

One month has passed and am still coming back to normal. Doctors have said that it wont reoccur in the next pregnancy, so all we can do is just pray and hope for the best.


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