Netaniah's birth

Post On Tuesday, October 09, 2012 By Gladys Motlalepula

Netaniah's birth

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving us this platform. I am also an Eclampsia survivor and would like to join an organisation that will help spread awareness of this disease.

I'm in Botswana and a new mom to a 3 month old adorable girl, Netaniah Jeslyn Lebogang (Tswana for give thanks to the Lord). My case was quiet severe as I was still pregnant when it occurred.

When I reached 36 weeks, my gynecologist removed the McDonalds stitch he had put on me @ 16 weeks. 3 days later, I woke up with this headache I have never experienced b4 in my life. My mother asked me to call my brother to come and take me to the hospital but upon picking up the phone to call, I came to th realization that I couldn't see. and that's all I can remember telling my mom.

She later told me that after I said that, she rushed into my room to come and see what was happening only to find me having a seizure and had bitten my tongue and was bleeding profusely. She tried to talk to me but I couldn't hear her. She called my brother who then rushed me to the emergency room. Upon arrival, I had another seizure, when the doctor on call came and gave me an anesthetic, it didn't work, he gave me another after 2 minutes, still nothing and another after 5 minutes, to no avail, my BP was 220/155. The seizures continued and had even started kicking and hitting my forehead with my knees. By then my gynaecologist arrived and ordered them to take me to the theater immediately for a C-Section and upon arrival to the theater, I had another seizure. The doctor's resorted to tying my hands and legs to the bed. After the C-Section, I went into a coma which I came out of after 4 days. During the time I was in a coma, my brain shut down, lungs and kidneys stopped working. Apparently I was as big as an elephant due to swelling. My internal organs had also swollen up so they had to puncture my lungs with a tube to assist me with breathing. The doctors told my parents that medically, they had done all they could for me, all that was left is for God to intervene and asked my parents to pray for me like they have never prayed before. As I was going through all this, my little girl was fine and healthy @ 3.3kgs.

I came out of the coma after 4 days and was discharged 2 days later. I thank the Lord for giving me a second chance and for sending my doctor to my life and all the prayers my friends and family said for me. Right now I'm a proud mother of a beautiful girl.

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