preeclampsia...what ?

Post On Thursday, November 01, 2012 By Katie

preeclampsia...what ?

I became pregnant in late April 2010; throughout my entire pregnancy I was sick. Morning sickness was horrible, I was throwing up just about every morning. I went to all my normal prenatal visits and of course had to pee in a cup to check all my levels. A few times the nurse told me I had too much protein in my urine and told me to make sure I drank plenty of water and eat healthy. How can you always eat healthy with all those pregnancy cravings?!

In September of 2010 I switched doctors due to a change of insurance and also because I didn't care for the doctors I was seeing. I had found out I was having a girl and couldn't be more excited!! I had met and loved my new doctor. Through out my entire pregnancy I had really low blood pressure. Never had a issue and never knew of preeclampsia.

December 31st 2010 I went to my prenatal visit, due in just 3 weeks I was so nervous and had so many questions for my doctor. He took my blood pressure, looked at the machine, took it again and looked at it again and then took it a 3rd time. I thought nothing of it. Thought maybe it was the machine not working. He then looked at me and said we need to get you to the hospital ASAP your blood pressure is 162/110 this is a sign of preeclampsia.

I said, "what? What is preeclampsia? How is this possible?; my blood pressure has been so good my entire pregnancy!" My mom was with me and the doctor goes "you need to deliver this baby today." My mom said, "will it be a c-section?" The doctor replied YES. Whoa what?! Here I am going to my normal check up and now he's telling me I'm delivering my baby today ?! There's no way I have 3 weeks left. We were then off the hospital. I kept saying no I'm not having this baby today; the doctor is lying I'm just going to get hooked up have them give me some fluids and ill be sent home......3.4 hours later at 4:01pm my daughter was born a healthy happy baby at 5lbs,13oz & 18 inches long. All night I was wondering what is preeclampsia?!

ended up searching it on Google and had no idea! Had no clue how harmful it was for both my baby and I. I was so glad I had delivered my daughter. Through out my hospital stay the nurses were constantly coming in my room to check my blood pressure; I had no idea it was still harmful to my body even after delivering. After 4 days I was sent home with blood pressure pills and was told to keep checking my blood pressure at home. Both me and my daughter are lucky.

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