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Hi everyone!! I've been on this website reading many sad/encouraging stories since 6/17/12... two days after my precious baby girl was born.

Some background- I have an healthy 8 year old; no complications during pregnancy. I have a healthy 2 year old; no complications with that pregnancy either. Third pregnancy, I noticed different things that I'd never experienced before. Went to prenatal checkup's blood pressure ran in 130's over 80's. The doctor that delivered my first two was not my doctor for my third pregnancy. I worked for an OB/GYN and decided to let him deliver my 3rd.

Well he was deployed to Afghanistan (reserves) so during my second trimester there was a temporary doctor seeing his patients. Doctor calls in twice so no prenatal visit for one month and a half. One day I had severe back pain thought it may just be pregnancy related... but I never experienced this before... night two: severe radiating to epigastric area.

Next day went to the hospital because the pain was so severe! Was told I had HELLP syndrome and the baby had to be taking immediately! I was one week away from being 6 months. BP 211/114, plts 50's I believe, and liver enzymes were extremely elevated. My baby girl lived for 5 days and passed!!! I was devastated... I just learned about this syndrome in nursing school. I had clotting test afterward normal... no underlying issues. I was stressed out and eating unhealthy during that pregnancy. Family hx of high blood pressure and a sis that experienced preeclampsia with 3 pregnancies. I just found out I'm around 5 weeks pregnant and terrified!

Any success stories or words of encouragment would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for listening!

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