Found Dead

Post On Friday, November 16, 2012 By lisa

Found Dead

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012, I found my Daughter-in-law dead - just sitting on the toilet. The autopsy revealed she died from preeclampsia and our sweet baby Jack at 34 weeks gestation died when his mother's heart stopped beating. She had been in the hospital 3 times in two weeks for abdominal pain, swelling and headaches and was on bedrest at the time of her death. She had been to the doctor just the day before and had lost 2 pounds, was feeling great, her swelling was greatly diminished and her blood pressure 142/90 - she was always compliant with diet and bedrest restrictions and took her blood pressure every two hours. This was her first pregnancy. I cannot understand how this could happen when it seemed we were all doing everything right. I am a nurse and her physician is devastated - saying in all his years of practice >40 in a large hospital he has never seen this occur. The attached picture was taken earlier this Fall.

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My daughter bp is 140 over 95 has a midwife Valerie Elhalta and my daughter has severe edema in her face wrist feet ankles

Posted On Saturday, May 04, 2013 By Dianne

My daughter is stubborn she has had 3 tough pregnancies all c section and her new midwife has convenience her that she can do a vaginal delivery at home. My daughter has had severe edema for a month, yet this does not concern the midwife because my daughter has no protein in her urine.  Her husband sees no problem cause everyone trust the midwife. My daughters delivery date is may 12, so 8 days more. Her wrist carputunnel  is so painful.  If anyone knows this midwife let me know. I don't know what I do because intrybtomtalk to my daughter and she will not listen

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