pregnant again

Post On Monday, December 03, 2012 By sharon

pregnant again

I suffered from preeclampsia and was officially diagnosed with it at 33 weeks,was concerned about it as midwifes picked up high blood pressure and protein in urine at 28weeks. At second check-up, blood pressure was still high and they decided to send me for blood tests. My gynecologist said I should consider a c-section and natural birth may no longer be an option.

When I was 32 weeks was sent to hospital to have steroid injections and had my urine monitored; was released the following day. A week later at check-up, we realiszed baby wasn't growing and my doctor said I would have to have to have a c-section the following day. I had another steroid injection: this was to help my baby lung develop. I never imagined how scary the road ahead was...

My little girl was born at 34 weeks weighing 1.67kg and got an apgar score of 9/10. I thought and was told by many not to worry and she would be home in a matter of weeks. I visited the hospital daily and she was getting stronger every day. I was released 3 days after giving birth to her and she died 8 days later: she got a horrible infection in the hospital and had multiple kidney failure after fighting for over 24hours and mutliple blood transfusions. The doctors did everything in their power, but it was in g-d's hands. No other baby in the hospital got an infection. When we were called into the hospital, the pediatrician said she got an infection and she wasn't sure what type, so she treated her for viral, fungal and bacterial, butnothing helped. The blood transfusions kept her stable and so did the ventilator but after 24 hours she was brain dead: we had to let her go. It was the worst day of my life.

It's 7months later and I am 4 months pregnant and terrified. Still mourning the loss of my little girl and am so fearful of the preeclampsia coming up again. Been put on ecotrin and being more closely monitored. Doctor said before 20weeks not even worthwhile to monitor blood pressure. I miss my little girl every day and am still suffering from the trauma of it all. I am on antidepressants  which is safe in pregnancy and see a councillor and pray everyday, but the fear and anxiety is awful. I am  trying to take it easier work wise and have moved to part-time.

I have read it is more common in first-time pregnancies, but that if you've had it once, your chances of getting it again is 25% higher.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted On Friday, April 26, 2013 By Ira

Sharon, I had an experience very similar to yours. My baby girl was born at 27 weeks and did very well for 17 days but an infection took her very quickly. She also had kidney failure and we had to make the decision not to resuscitate her. It's the most horrible thing a parent could go through. I am so sorry to hear about your experience and I feel your pain. 

I wish you luck with this pregnancy. Please stay positive!  Pre-e doesn't have to happen again but sometimes it does. 

I was given a recurrence risk of 50% since I had early onset but since your case was dx at 33 weeks your chance for recurrence is much lower. I think those are pretty good odds and something to be hopeful about. Good luck!

Ask for a blood test to check for anti phospholipid antibodies

Posted On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 By Michaela


I am new to this site but have experienced preeclampsia twice, the first time when my son was stillborn at 35 weeks and again when my daughter was safely delivered at 32 weeks,  literally in the nick of time.  She is now almost 15 years old.  I still mourn my son and I still remember the terror of that second pregnancy.  My heart goes out to you and hope that you are doing well.  

IMany years after those experiences I have since been diagnosed with a condition called anti phospholipid antibody syndrome.  This is a condition that causes the blood to be too thick and to clot too easily.  One of the hallmarks of this syndrome in women is preeclampsia.  I known that most causes of preeclampsia are still unknown, but at least in my case I finally had an answer to "why" - a thought that haunted me for years.  This is a simple blood test and if positive, can be treated in pregnancy by receiving heparin, a blood thinner.  There is a website for the APS Foundation of America and another for the Hughes Syndrome, a groundbreaking organization in the UK.  I hope this is helpful information and I am sending prayers and best wishes to you and your family.

warm regards,


thank you

Posted On Wednesday, December 12, 2012 By sharon


so surprised to hear a response from a mans perspective and much appreciated ,thank you for your prayers.I am 20weeks today and have decided to go for a second opinion(scan) with another expert in the field ,am happy with my doctor but cant hurt to go for an extra scan ,will wait till im 28weeks though as if any thing happens likely to happen then .i am monitoring my blood pressure and so far all seems ok .Please g-d this baby will be healthy

kind regards


Find a good doctor

Posted On Thursday, December 06, 2012 By Michael


My wife had pre-exclampsia with our first and was hospitalized with high blood pressure and had a c-section at 32 weeks. It was a miracle our 1st daughter survived. We were told that it wouldn't happen again and all would be fine for another birth. We lost our second child at 34 weeks after being told repeatedly that everything was normal. My wife's blood pressure was normal and had no symptoms. We were both devastated and shocked at how this happened. Before our third pregnancy we found another doctor and my wife went for a bunch of tests as well as past history examined. Long story short there is a lot known and a lot of unknown. My wife was put on low dose aspirin and monitored very carefully. She went to a clinic in Vancouver called the Emma Clinic. Our son was born almost full term, they induced labor because they didn't want to risk waiting and felt it was better. Now on our 4th pregnancy we are still learning and again to the Emma Clinic. My wife now needs to be concerned with an increase of heart disease due to the stress on her body. Do I recommend what we have gone through. No, but we are happily married and have 2 beautiful kids and feel very blessed. 

My advice is to find a doctor who tells you that pre-eclamsia is a high risk and is open to listen to everything you say. Our 2nd doctor was a highly recommended OB, however he insisted that we were very low risk. To top it off when my wife recommended a procedure to induce, he looked completely stunned and  hadn't heard of it before. His intern knew all about it and he was able to assist. 

Watch your blood pressure, though it may not go up as in our second. 

Rest often and demand special attention.

I hope this helps and Pray for a healthy pregnancy for you.


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