baby boy

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baby boy

My fiance and I just got back from a Model T Tour in Vermont late Sunday night. We decided to shower and get some sleep because I had a doctors appoint at 9 the next morning. Through out the trip I got really swollen and gained lots of weight. I couldn't understand why, I was eating healthy and didn't really stray from my daily routine. My feet and legs were so swollen and hurt to even walk my fiance would have to help me walk and bring me ice pack after ice pack.

When the next morning arrived, we woke up and got ready for what we thought was going to be a quick routine appointment. We got called into the doctors office by the nurse, she took my blood pressure and told me to lay down and she'd be back in 20 minutes to take it again. At the time I wasn't thinking anything of it since a few weeks previous I had a couple days of high blood pressure but it just went back to normal. 20 minutes passed with me and my fiance sitting in a dark, silent room. The nurse and doctor both came in and took my blood pressure, my doctor then stated she was concerned with my blood pressure that she wanted to call some other doctors and get there opinions. Within 5 minutes I was being wheeled up to the hospital to the labor and delivery floor. I felt fine, and was so confused. The instantly put an ivy in my hand, since that was the only vein they could find since I was so swollen. My doctor then explained every 30 minutes they would be doing blood test and blood pressure checks. I was  just in this mind frame that nothing was wrong that they were all over reacting.

My doctor then came back with the nurse and began to explain to my fiance and me that I had preeclampsia, and it was very bad. That if my results got any worse they were going to send me to a high-risk hospital in the cities since they didn't have the necessary equipment and experience to handle my situation. They told my fiance that he should probably go get any necessary stuff from our house that we would be there awhile. 10 minutes after my fiance left my results came back and they had an ambulance on the way for me. I called him and explained what was going on, and he called my family and his. By 2 o'clock I was checked in and on strict bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy, with blood test every 2 hours and blood pressure checks every hour. Finally around 2:30 my fiance arrived shortly followed by our families. At this point I still didn't completely understand what was going on. I felt fine, I was just really swollen.

I was on bed rest the next 3 days. That Thursday morning after my labs I was able to get off the ivy's and just continue with oral medicine and blood pressure checks and blood work. A few hours passed and my lower ribs started hurting, it was unbearable pain. I couldn't move or talk with out screaming. The doctors came in along with the nurse and told me they were taking me to have a c-section right now. I looked at my fiance and began bawling. On the way down to prep me for the c-section my fiance and mom were asked "If we can only save one, what should we do?" I was already for surgery and they took me in the operating room, gave me an epidural and brought my fiance in. Half was through the surgery I began to get really really cold, and got that pain back under my ribs. The ivy port in my hand popped out so they had to put another one in to get medicine in me to keep me stable. Finally I heard my baby boy cry. He was screaming all he was good for.

After an hour I finally was able to see my fiance and some of my family, while I was in the recovery room. At 9 pm I met my baby boy and we named him Carson. He was the smallest thing I have ever seen, he had a food tube running through his nose, and an ivy in his foot. He melted my heart weighing only 3 pounds 6 ounces. A few days later I was released and as I was talking with the nurse she explained to me that the pain I was feeling was my liver failing, and that I was very close to a full body blood transfusion.

3 weeks later my baby boy came home with me and he is now 4 months and a mighty 10 pounds 12 ounces. Still to this day I do not completely understand what I went through or anything it all just feels like a blur, like I was a ghost watching my body go through this.

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