Preclampsia took my little red boy

Post On Saturday, December 15, 2012 By Sonia

Preclampsia took my little red boy

I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone has experienced the same.  I had a baby boy back in 1999, he is now 13 yrs old.  In January 2011 I found out I was expecting a baby. Everything was fine until my growth scan was done in April and I was told my little girl was too small, but the Dr. assured me that it may be due to the fact that I was small and maybe that's why this baby is small.  Then in early July (about 28 week gestation) I was rushed into the ER with severe abdomen pain, where I was told my little girl no longer had a heartbeat.  The Dr at the ER told me the baby may have been dead for at least a couple of weeks.  I was then sent to a specialist and got a few tests done where they concluded I had no predisposition for stillbirth and that if I was to get pregnant again, it would more than likely be a successful pregnancy.  

In May 2012 I finally conceived again and my due date would be January 13th 2013.  I was so happy and I was well taken care of by my new OB/GYN who I trusted and two specialists who where doing growth scans and checking on me often.  Everything was perfect.  I went to my regular appointment at 32 weeks where I was told I had a perfect little boy and I also had a non stress test, I passed everything.  This was on a Thursday, I then had a lot of cramping Monday night and Tuesday night, but during the day I was fine.  The Dr. had told me that it was ok to have at least 15 contractions per day, so I disregarded those contractions as ok with a normal pregnancy.  But I did notice the baby was moving less during the early morning hours, but then he would wake up around 10 am and be very active, I just thought it was ok since he was now sleeping more.  I truly regret not running to the ER, my baby lasted like this for 3 days, but i didn't know something was wrong.  I really thought he was ok, because he was very active during his normal kick count.  

That Wednesday I felt my baby move around 5 pm and that was the last time I felt him move.  I went to the ER at 7 pm because I started having lots of abdominal pain.  As soon as I got to the ER, they prepared me for an emergency C-section, but soon after that they informed me my baby had no heart beat.  I was devastated.  The Dr. said I had had a full placenta abruption due to preeclampsia.  My blood pressure was 223/120, and I had lost a lot of  blood.  I delivered a beautiful baby boy early Thanksgiving morning, and I was so proud to see how handsome my son was.  I did not get to take my little man home and I wished there was something I could do to prevent this from happening to anyone.  I don't know if my little girl died of the same thing, but I do know that there were lots of infarcts in the placenta.  Although I did not have high blood pressure.  I just don't know why these two random things would happen to me.  I would like to tie them together so that I would know what is wrong with me and what I can do to prevent this again.  Of course, I would love to have a baby in my arms, but the thought of going through this again makes me want to die.  I feel so defeated and alone, I hate it that people tell me to find something fun to do or distract me, or that I will be ok or that I will have other kids or that I already have one kid, or anything, I'm just so hurt and heart broken.  

My Dr. told me that it was a best option to not get pregnant again, just because once you start having recurring  stillbirths, the chances of taking a live baby home are very slim.  This makes me more depressed, because I feel that my Dr's never informed me of preeclampsia and they do not want to deal with this now.  I just want to make one point very clear, preeclampsia does not only happen to people who have blood pressure problems, I had never had any issues with blood pressure, and this disease almost took my life and most importantly it took the life of my beautiful little red boy.

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maybe I can offer some hope

Posted On Thursday, March 21, 2013 By Tammie

Oh my, I just wanted to cry reading your story, I can relate oh so well! And I might be able to give you a bit of hope :-) I actually signed up just to comment.

I had a "normal" pregnancy that ended with pre-e at 37wks, healthy baby girl, 6lbs 11oz. 2yrs later I was pregnant and took normal for granted, instead I went into labor at 25wks, they stopped it, I was sent home-then delivered 13days later at 27w5d, beautiful 3lb 7oz baby boy(he was HUGE for his gestation but had more problems than most), he ended up with CP and went through 2yrs of therapy before we saw him take his first steps...but he did it!!

Following my son I had 10miscarriages, all in my second trimester(18-23wks) and all horrific! No one knew what to tell me and there were no answers. I tried everything they told me, wait, don't wait, multiple medications, blood work, etc. I finally gave up and quit trying.

About a year later I was diagnosed with lupus(which helps explain the m/c's and also the pre-e), now I am dealing with lupus and a disabled child(shhh-he doesn't know this ;-)) and just going on with life grateful for my 2 children.

Then in June 2011 I found out I was pregnant and immediately burst into tears. This couldn't be happening, I had finally moved past my m/cs and was moving on with my now 8 and 10yr olds. Well, I couldn't give up for my baby's sake(the dr asked if I wanted to terminate due to health and history, but I couldn't). I had pre-e and we LIMPED to 35wks with regular monitoring as the pre-e reared its ugly head at 22wks, but I have a beautiful baby girl 5lbs exactly(my kidney had shut down due to a lupus flare and I gained over 70lbs of water and the pain was practically unbearable, but bearable for my baby). I am now 30wks pregnant with my 4th(my little girl needed a sibling her age, right?) and being watched closely as my bp is going up again. The doctors doubt if I will make it past 32wks, they are surprised at what I am willing to put myself through, but after the m/c's, I will do anything.

My advice is this...1)be tested for autoimmune(lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc), 2)find a maternal fetal medicine dr to advise you prior to getting pregnant again(I have seen MFM specialists at Northwestern in Chicago, Univ or Ala-Birmingham and LSU in Shreveport, all were good). 3)if you want a child, be open to trying again, I never thought I would have my daughter after all the miscarriages, but I did. I know the pain, I know how hard it is to see other people with their children and so horrid to see women with a bunch of children that she abuses or doesn't take care of after her easy pregnancies-you always wonder why it happened to you. It DOES get better, I promise. You will always be a bit more sensitive, you will never take a child for granted again, but it WILL get easier.

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