My preeclampsia history

Post On Thursday, December 20, 2012 By SANDRA

My preeclampsia history

I was 20 years old and pregnant with my first child, a girl. I was already in maternity. I remember one day as I was walking on the street, my right eye saw black. I had swollen hands and feet. I went from store-to-store to find a shoe that would fit my balloon-like swelling. I found a senior citizen style shoe and walked with that for the next few days. My mom saw me and right away called my doctor. He was preoccupied with the birth of his own daughter. I was told to go see him on Friday. This was Wednesday. I got to his office Friday morning; he took my blood pressure sitting, then laying. I was 23 weeks along and was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. I was admitted to the hospital on bed rest   By Monday I was induced. I had two seizures during labor and at 5:30 am while my doctor went for coffee I delivered a 1 lb stillborn baby girl. I never saw her. I was young and naive.

I waited about a year and became pregnant once more. This time my doctor put me on bed rest and baby aspirin. I delivered a healthy 7 lb boy. I was induced a week in my ninth for elevated blood pressure.

Fast forward six years. Went to a new doctor who laughed at my idea with the baby aspirin. At thirty weeks my blood pressure went out of control I had protein in my urine and a terrible pain between my breast bones more towards my right side. It felt like someone was pushing a knife into my back all the way to my front. It was the worst pain ever. My doctor at that time didn't know about baby aspirin and advised me not to take it.  I believe that may have prevented my preeclampsia. Long story short my son was delivered via emergency c-section Tuesday morning weighing 2 lb 4 oz. he stayed in NICU for nine weeks. I recovered nicely once the baby was delivered and was up and waking by Saturday. Three years later I went back to my first doctor who had more experience on dealing with my case. I delivered a healthy baby boy a week in my ninth via c-section. This time doctor put me into the hospital in the eighth month till I delivered to keep a close watch on me. A year later I gave birth to my daughter who was born a few days in my ninth weighing a hefty 9 lb. this time I was also in the hospital from my eighth month till delivery. After her birth my doctor told me he had chills and goosebumps running up his arms from the way he saw how my babys nose was tightly pressed on the placenta. He said I had a miracle because this was a very thin uterus and it was about to rupture. Needless to say I tied my tubes a month later. I'm very grateful to have four beautiful children now. My oldest  son is 20 My second son is 14 my third son just turned 11  and my daughter is 9 years old turning 10 next month.

I pray that a cure will be found for this deadly mystery of preeclampsia.

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